Although Covid restrictions meant non-essential retailers had to close this winter, many have benefitted from fresh opportunities in recent months, as the economy reopened and footfall on the high street bounced back once more.

Enticing existing customers back into your store and drawing in brand new visitors can present a daunting challenge. Not to fear, however. We’ve put together 10 expert tips to help boost your store’s popularity and keep the cash register ringing all summer. Let’s get started, shall we?

Change Up Your Furniture

A few well-placed pieces of comfortable furniture can make your retail business feel that much more welcoming. With a choice of cozy sofas or armchairs to sink into whilst considering their next purchase, your customers should be happier to spend more time (and potentially more cash) in your store.

Give the Floor a Fresh Coat of Paint

Regular footfall over a period of many years can make any floor surface appear dull and tired, even when it is cleaned on a regular basis. Simply repainting your floor can renew its sheen in an instant.

After preparing the floor with a primer, consider using a high-gloss finish paint for a modern, attractive finish. If you need to add directional or social distancing markings to your floor or car park (or re-trace faded markings), you should use a good quality water-based lining paint. This particular type of paint is especially resistant to heavy footfall, so should stay looking crisp and clear for many years to come.

Offer a WiFi Hotspot

Offering customers the chance to catch up with their social media feeds and emails on the go may entice them to spend more time at your store. And, just think, if you’re lucky enough to welcome a known influencer, they just might share their latest haul with their followers, generating some welcome publicity for your business!

Create a Child-friendly Corner

If your regular customer base includes busy parents, creating a child-friendly corner may encourage them to visit your store more often – and spend more time there when they do.

Invest in a small collection of books, toys, activities and play equipment to keep youngsters occupied. You may also consider assigning a staff member to read stories and entertain them whilst their parents shop and browse.

Make Your Business Pet Friendly

On a related note, marking your premises as ‘pet friendly’ could make all the difference in attracting more footfall. Offering complimentary water bowls and treats can go even further when it comes to luring visitors of the two and four-legged varieties.

Give Cyclists a Brake!

Installing a bike rack will allow customers passing by on two wheels to call in without a worry. With their beloved bikes safely locked up, cyclists will enjoy complete peace of mind as they browse.

Set the Mood with Music

Piping the right playlist into your store can help create the impression that it’s a fun place to browse. Think of yourself as a tastemaker and consider which songs your target demographic will appreciate. Many market-leading fashion retailers rely on cool, credible playlists to drive more sales. Keep the music playing and let everyone know this is the coolest place in town!

Stop Passers-by in Their Tracks with a Striking Window Display

The mighty window display has been a key tool in the retailers’ inventory for many years – and is no less effective today. With summer in full flow, why not adorn your window displays with beach balls, towel and sand buckets, to remind your customers that your business is moving with the seasons?

And, if you carry off an especially creative window display, you may enjoy additional social media exposure from passers-by sharing your work with their friends and followers!

Welcome Your Customers with Refreshments

On a sweltering summer day, there are few things more appealing than a complimentary cold drink or ice-cream. This small, thoughtful gesture can encourage more customers into your store and help to keep them happy while they browse.

Say it with Balloons!

Balloons add movement to your premises and can easily draw the eye of any passers-by.

A tastefully-arranged balloon display can be highly effective in drawing traffic to your store.

Balloons can be tied to exterior railings, or, if there are none available, you can fix them to cinder blocks. Be sure to have a decent supply of balloons at the ready, as they can quickly deflate, especially in the sunshine.

Thanks – and Best of Luck with Your Summer Sale!

We hope you enjoyed our latest article and now have plenty of ideas for how to boost your retail revenue this season. No matter what strategies you decide on, we wish you the very best of luck with your efforts.