Low Or No Maintenance Industrial Machinery

 The global maintenance, repair and operations markets are a vital part of the way in which industrial organizations continue to operate. While their services require a great deal of capital from these organizations, the value that they provide to industrial equipment is necessary for their survival; both equipment and organization […]

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

No matter how hard manufacturers and organizations try, the only thing they can truly do to understand the fluctuations in the supply chain is to speculate. There is no clairvoyance regarding these fluctuations that comes from operating in the industry for a long tenure. What those that have lasted in […]

Python Programming & Its Importance In Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms, while closely intertwined with artificial intelligence, provide the software used by these AI solutions to provide value throughout the world. Many of these machine learning algorithms are powered by Python, which in turn influence a number of the applications we use every day. But why Python? Its […]

Entrepreneur Olugbenga Agboola Explains How Colin Powell Influenced His Startup

Early Beginnings and Aspiration In the ever-evolving realm of entrepreneurship, diverse wellsprings can ignite inspiration. Within the tapestry of influential figures, Olugbenga Agboola, the accomplished helmsman steering a prosperous startup, finds himself profoundly influenced by the departed luminary known as Colin Powell. Within these pages, we embark on an odyssey […]