It is not easy to get top talent in 2022 to join your team. You have to be more creative and diligent enough to get the right people to join your company. You need to set up an employee recruitment strategy to recruit the right talent.

If you are hiring employees for the first time, you can reach out to HR consulting firms. Here is what your recruitment strategy should look like.

  1. Treat all job applicants like your customers

When hiring people to join your company for the first time, you create the right impression. Whether you are screening or interviewing online or in-person, you want to ensure you create a good impression of your company at first. You should make the applicants feel like you are pleased to see them interested in joining your company.

Also, you should be respectful, hospitable and make yourself available to the candidates. Provide candidates with contact information to reach out to you when they have any questions during the hiring process.

  1. Use social media to recruit 

There is more than social media can offer you when recruiting people to join your company. Use social recruiting to share jobs with your network and encourage a conversation with potential candidates for the job.

 When you post the job vacancy on social media, even if you don’t get those interested in the job, it’s more likely that they will refer to someone fit for the position you are advertising. You should give applicants a potential glimpse of what your company looks like by posting some photos of company events and office life.

  1. Create and implement an employee referral program 

When you have great employees in your team, chances are they are surrounding themselves with other great people. These highly capable professionals can join your company and help you meet your goals.

Having an employee referral program can encourage your employees to refer the top talent in their cycles to apply for the job you are offering. You can consider providing incentives for every employee referral in the form of bonuses if you want your employees to refer the top talent they know in the industry.

  1. Have a compelling job description 

If you want people to apply for the job position in your company, you should come up with a more compelling job description. You can follow these tips when creating a job description:

  • Make the title more specific. This way, you can increase your chances of getting the most qualified and interested job seekers to join your team.
  • Open the job description with a more captivating summary to make the job seekers more interested in the job you offer.
  • Outline all the core responsibilities and essentials of the job you are offering. You should explain how the day-to-day activities of the job look like and the position the qualified candidate will hold in the company.


Hiring top talent to fill up positions in your company is not that easy. If you are recruiting for the first time, you should hire some expert recruiters to help you. You can also develop a recruiting strategy with some of the elements we have highlighted here to make your recruiting easier.