If you are considering selecting one of the quality silencers or suppressors listed on the GunBroker.com platform, a few scraps of knowledge are worth collecting. One is the basic concept of a silencer or suppressor’s function. Some say that a silencer tamps down sound, while a suppressor minimizes muffle flash. In terms of reducing the noise your firearm makes, both do basically the same thing. The general public typically calls all types “silencers,” while GunBroker.com experts tend to keep them separate. That being said, these are essential things to know.

1: When Decibel Reduction Matters for GunBroker.com Shooters

A standard suppressor can lower down-firing noise to about the same level a GunBroker.com shooter would experience while wearing ear protection. But not all suppressors are created equal. Take the OSS Elite Helix EL-QD 762 SDMR FDE 7.62mm Silencer, for example. Generally considered a high-end model, the OSS Elite reportedly minimizes sound by upwards of 139 decibels. Keep in mind that suppressors of this liking erase muzzle flash and require a substantial investment.

2: When Cost is a Driving Factor in Your GunBroker.com Budget

It’s not necessary to exceed the budget you’ve set for yourself to get a quality silencer. Let’s chat about a few suppressors that are budget-friendly, such as the Saker 556K ASR and the Warlock II 22 Suppressor.

The Saker 556K comes ready to handle sound minimization on bolt action rifles, semi-autos, and fully automatic firearms with the ability to drop decibels by 136. This modestly-priced option does the trick at the range or hunting. The Warlock II is a lightweight darling for .22 LR with the capability of minimizing rifle noise by about 114 decibels. If you find a good deal at GunBroker.com, these models make great suppressors for only a few hundred dollars.

3: Can GunBroker.com Hunters Use Suppressors?

Using a suppressor while hunting is legal in most states. GunBroker.com community members suggest it would be wise to check your state and local regulations beforehand. That being said, there are a few things worth knowing should you get the all-clear.

A shotgun blast ranges about 160 decibels compared to a balloon popping at 125. Even average suppressors typically reduce noise to under 135 decibels. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration considers anything at or below 135 to be safe intermittent noise. Your eardrums will probably be okay when hunting with a suppressor. Given you may not require ear protection, GunBroker.com big and small game hunters can focus more clearly on nature’s movement. The Salvo 12 gauge shotgun suppressor and the Surefire Genesis 762 are good examples of quality, mid-priced products for hunting.

4: Government Regulations GunBroker.com Silencer Users Need To Know

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives requires GunBroker.com gun enthusiasts to be at least 21 years old and secure a “Tax Stamp” when purchasing a suppressor. Beyond not inadvertently trampling a law, you’ll probably want to factor in the government’s tax on reducing noise pollution into your budget.