An online review management platform is a necessity for any company looking to have a successful online presence. Reviews are an integral part of the overall buying process, and any business that doesn’t take measures to get its business seen will remain in the dust. The best online review management platform will facilitate your company’s ability to collect reviews, make them look good when customers post them on your site, and allow you to respond to negative reviews tactfully.

1.   Easier to Use Dashboard

A review platform’s dashboard should provide an overview of data and allow users to get to the details they need quickly. The features of a sound online review management system include an easy-to-use dashboard, the ability to display essential information on one page, and quick navigation between pages, thus reducing the amount of time it takes for users to get the data they want.

With a better mobile experience, easier to use dashboard, display essential information, quick navigation, and a seamless UX/UI, you will be able to focus on other vital tasks in your business.

2.   Mobile Access Capabilities with Full Features

A good review management software solution helps control your online review presence. Platforms like these allow your business to collect, manage and respond to your reviews on multiple third-party review sites. Features like mobile access, full web access, and automated settings make it easy to tailor your platform to meet your needs.

A full-featured web access option for computers and an optimized mobile version for smartphones make it simple for reviewers to leave feedback and generate reports at the push of a button. Hence, you can log in from any Mobile device or desktop to access your client’s reviews and edit them. Reviews are always available to view, and client activity is visible from anywhere. It’s crucial to note that a satisfied customer will not write a poor review if you take care of them, and a positive review will fix a lot of situations.

3.   A Secure Platform

Security and privacy are the main factors why everyone seeks an online review management solution. Secure online review management is critical when every review has the power to affect your bottom line significantly.

Each review should be password protected and encrypted with a secure server to ensure the privacy and security of clients; customer privacy is always important. This software can help you incorporate your business strategies to grow in reputation, search engine rank, and get repeat customers. Data encryption gives you the peace of mind that no one else will access details about your business or clients. The system allows you to hide your clients’ names but still show how many reviews they’ve made and their star rating.

4.   Multi-Channel Reviews Collection and Filtering Features

A review management system helps grow your online review profile by integrating review collection from all major platforms. Filtering capabilities may include review score, category filter, time filter, and you can extend if need be to add more custom filters.

Implementing a review management strategy is probably one of the most critical moves you can make in today’s e-commerce environment. A multichannel review management service allows you to collect authentic reviews from Facebook pages, Google Places, and mobile apps while filtering and responding to customers using a single solution.

5.   Unified Inbox

An online review management platform with a unified inbox feature helps you collect all your customer feedback into one streamlined central location. The unified inbox enables you to spot trends and themes easily, respond quickly to customer questions and issues and track regular feed content performance. Hence you don’t have to keep passwords to access reviews from different social online platforms.

A unified inbox provides complete visibility into your online reviews across all platforms – review sites, blogs, social media, mobile web, in addition to reviewing monitoring tools from one central place.


A review management system will allow you as a business owner to see what your customers think about your business and allow you to fix issues before they can cause harm. The goal of these systems is to have as many positive reviews as possible. ReviewInc management tool has features that make it easy to use, simple to manage, and a breeze to maintain a solid online reputation. It’s crucial to place the importance of online review management needs above all other considerations because this is the place where you will set customized strategies.