Hearing the term movers and packers will set an image in your mind that may include a few people lifting household items, a truck, or maybe a long journey. Besides providing basic moving service, the professional movers in Toronto or near you offer various other additional services. So, if you’re about to shift your home or office, consider the other services offered by a full-service moving company that can help you.

Packing and Unpacking Services

When the shifting process begins, the first thing that you need to do is packing the items. A professional moving company offers packing and unpacking services that save your money and time. All of the household items are packed or wrapped in an organized manner so that no items are left behind and extra care is also maintained for delicate items. All of the professional movers carry their packing equipment that includes boxes, tapes, and the necessary tools.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

All of the large furniture present in your home needs to be disassembled so that it can easily be carried out. If you’re not sure about how to disassemble the furniture or if you’re a bit concerned about the safety, you can take help from a professional movers in Toronto area. The expert crew safely dismantles the furniture, takes it out, loads it into the truck, and delivers it in perfect condition.

Hoisting Services

When the furniture or any large items can’t get through the doors, windows, through the halls, or via stairs, hoisting services offered by the movers come into play. The hoisting procedure is carried out by three individuals with the help of some special equipment but is considered a safe method to move the items. The whole process requires a lot of skill and can only be carried out by trained professionals.

Shuttle Services

Sometimes the moving truck can’t reach your home if it is present in a narrow street or has to pass some weak bridges. Other times, there’s an issue of parking or the presence of power lines due to which the truck can’t enter the area. The movers in Toronto area offer shuttle services in which small vehicles can carry the items to the truck and vice versa. The movers charge an additional fee for the shuttle services depending upon the size, area, and distance.

Storage Options

It happens a lot when the shifting schedule gets disturbed; people often find themselves in a situation when they’re stuck between leaving their old home and entering the new home. The moving company stuffs their items or belongings into storage facilities provided by them that are 100% safe and secure. You can use these storage facilities until you shift into your new home.

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