The term ‘cardboard’ is used commonly for any kind of paper packing material. Nonetheless, for professional packaging needs, retailers find corrugated board cartons as an effective material. What’s the difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated cartons? Both materials look similar but the latter is more durable than the former. This decreases the worry about the products getting damaged while shipping.

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Corrugated board carton vs. cardboard box

The structure and purpose of both the packaging material are different even if they accomplish the same task. The packaging material you choose will make a huge impact on customer’s impressions related to your brand. Therefore, it is crucial to get familiar with the differences between the two terminologies.

A cardboard box is designed from heavy paper pulp or thick paper stock. The material can be applied in making

  • Small containers
  • Structural support for less-stiff things like notepads
  • Product packaging
  • Inserts to keep clothes like button-up shirt to avoid the loss of shape in their packages

Cardboard style media is the kind can be mailed via post office or courier. The item will be subjected to manual or rough handling but won’t result in damages.

Corrugated board cartons are designed with few material layers instead of a sing sheet. It comprises of three layers, where a medium or flute, which is sandwiched between two flat liners. Its benefits are –

  • Corrugated cartons are strong and lightweight.
  • They can handle moisture, shocks, and sudden temperature change soundly.
  • It assures that your products can be transported from your warehouse to the final destination safely, in great shape.

  • The food packaging industry also uses corrugated packaging because of the cleanliness and sustainability it provides during transit to the store shelves.
  • Allows customization for unique designs like custom-opening folds & flaps, die-cuts and more without any risk for the product contained inside.

The difference is insignificant but it is clearly understood that cardboard boxes are better for packaging cereals and cards, whereas corrugated packaging material is great for shipping boxes. Both are eco-friendly materials, as they can be recycled easily.

Improve the packaging process

For retailers and companies that ship several packages everyday need to choose the right shipping materials. It ensures that their products are secure and will reach the final destination in immaculate condition.