For those that aren’t used to using an online employee time clock, you may be wondering if they’re still worth it or if using one will be worth it over time. The truth is, not only have online employee time clocks stood the test of time; they continue to get better and better as the technology and functionality of the software continue to improve, especially compared to manual time tracking.

There are many reasons why an online timecard system is a go-to option for most businesses; let’s look at a few!

They are Constantly Being Updated

That’s right; an online employee time clock is constantly managed and updated to keep pace with the latest in software enhancements, regulations, and time tracking methods. This means that once you pay for your time clock software, you never have to worry about it being out of date.

Continual improvements help keep features up to date and running smoothly and constantly introduce new ones. This means that over time, the utility of your employee timesheet software can expand to do more and more for your business. So there’s no worry about your business outgrowing your time clock.

Secure Storage That Keeps Threats at Bay

One of the things that every business worries about is whether or not their employee data is vulnerable to hacking and outside threats. Online employee time clock software provides secure storage that prevents outsiders from accessing the data. This reduces the risk of employee data being compromised or stolen, especially in critically important industries that work on secure projects such as government contractors.

Not only that, just like with software features, security is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest technology and threats online. Constant security updates ensure that data is protected no matter what the online environment is like.

Modern Technology Helps Prevent Time Theft

Manual time-keeping has always had the problem of time theft. This is usually done by buddy punching, where a person clocks in for a friend or doesn’t clock out for breaks, works unauthorized overtime, or just uses company time to complete personal business. Unfortunately, as technology develops, so do ways to abuse it.

Luckily, timesheet management software has numerous modern features that prevent various forms of time theft. For example, facial recognition and thumbprint technology can prevent time theft from buddy punching by making each employee’s punch unique and unable to be stolen or replicated. This also helps to improve employee attendance tracking to see who is and isn’t showing up to work. With buddy punching, not only was time being stolen, but attendance counts were likely inaccurate as well. This makes staffing incredibly difficult when attendance is off.

Productivity tracking makes sure employees are on task and doing company business and not handling personal tasks. Lastly, GPS and geofencing ensure that employees are where they are supposed to be and that they can only clock in from a designated area. This way, time isn’t stolen or wasted on non-business endeavors.

Constantly Growing Technology

Like we discussed with the consistency of the updates, the actual technology of the online timesheet software is constantly growing and expanding. This means that new features are being added, and there are new ways to meet employee and customer demands. Things like point of sale integration and payroll enhancements make doing business much easier and more efficient.

Businesses don’t have to worry about being left behind and not having the tools they need to take care of their employees and their customers with software that is constantly evolving with their own needs. This makes an online employee time clock a smart investment for your business’s present and future.