With JEE Main being one of the most important engineering admission tests, candidates must have many questions, such as what strategy to use in the exam, how to prepare, and whether there is a need for separate tuition for both tries. Is a new approach required to take the computer-based test, is an online exam more difficult than an offline exam, what elements should be kept in mind when studying for the JEE Main online exam, and so on. Candidates would be able to study more successfully for the test with the aid of experienced JEE Main preparation tips.

Due to the fact that JEE Main is held twice a year, the application form for each trial is made accessible separately. The application form for JEE Main for the January try will be available tentatively in December, while the application form for the April attempt will be available tentatively in February. The JEE Main admit card will be made available online by the NTA. Check out the preparation strategy, tips, and strategies for JEE Main 2022.

Expert Preparation Tips for JEE Main

Understand everything you can about the examination

Candidates studying for JEE Main must ensure that they understand every information concerning the test, such as the curriculum, exam pattern, and so on. To pass the national level engineering entrance test, students must put in a lot of effort and follow a well-planned approach. Before beginning preparation for JEE Main 2021, one should be aware of every minute detail about the exam such as syllabus, pattern, number of seats, number of colleges, number of aspirants, current standards of the examination, model papers, nature of the questions, and so on.

Make a study schedule

Before beginning the preparation for the computer-based test, every JEE contender should create a study plan. Make a chapter-by-chapter and topic-by-topic revision timetable. Make brief notes and make a list of all formulas and things to remember. Mark difficult questions and their solutions. This would help in speedy revision before the examination.

Manage your time wisely

Candidates must have good planning for timely preparation and deal with study pressure. By now, serious pupils should have reviewed their preparedness or been advised of it by their lecturers. As a result, now is the time to consolidate your study and guarantee that you perform exceptionally well in the actual JEE Main test.

Increase your efforts and practice on a regular basis

Because the JEE Main 2021 exam will be conducted online, applicants must revise their study method somewhat. Candidates must boost their efforts and begin regular practice for JEE Main 2021 for the January exam as soon as possible. Applicants should boost their daily effort by roughly 20% – 30%,

regardless of whether they prefer coaching, online learning, or self-study. The increased effort will guarantee that applicants make rapid progress and complete the program on time.

Clear up any confusions or misconceptions

Candidates must ensure that all of their doubts are cleared, according to M. Umasankar’s JEE Main preparation advice. Every subject’s essential notion should have a clear foundation. Ensure that concepts are clear and that you have faith in them. When necessary, do not hesitate to explain your doubts with the assistance of your professor. Determine the most popular problem-solving and numerical techniques. Make no errors in handling such questions under any circumstances.

Give equal attention to all subjects

Candidates should devote equal time to three subjects: chemistry, physics, and mathematics. All three disciplines, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, are equally significant. So, divide the remaining months’ time wisely across the three disciplines. The primary concentration must be on Class XII board topics, with a review of Class XI topics following.

Practice mock tests and previous year’s papers

Candidates must take a mock test for JEE Main 2021 before taking the actual exam. Not only that, but the NTA also establishes practice centres to assist students with their test preparation. Candidates will be able to learn the exam structure and procedure of answering questions by practising with a mock test. Mock tests are an excellent way to improve your knowledge, speed, and accuracy. Beginning in August, begin planning for the same.

It is very encouraging that students take practice tests on a regular basis. Mock tests will aid in the analysis of preparation levels as well as the improvement of problem-solving habits. It is recommended that students do online practice exams in a controlled setting for three hours. Candidates can use the NTA portal or any other website that offers mock tests to complete JEE Main free mock tests.

Take a practice exam and obtain a performance analysis to learn your strong and weak points, accuracy rate, number of attempts, and number of questions attempted. It is recommended that you prepare two mock exams every month and 10-15 mock tests two months before the exam. You should also practice doing JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper.

Maintain a positive attitude and take care of your health

It is vital to study hard, but disregarding your health during the process is not the way to go. Candidates must maintain a healthy diet and get enough sleep to keep fit. Putting yourself under extra stress will not assist you in the long term. Maintain a good attitude and physical fitness while studying for JEE Main 2021.

Important JEE Main Preparation Hints and Tips

Expert advice and tactics are quite useful throughout the preparation process. It will aid in making preparation easier and achieving the objective in a more efficient manner. Check out the JEE Main preparation tips & strategies listed below.

  • Take quick notes on key formulas and subjects. Use these brief remarks to help you revise.
  • Study on a regular basis and adhere to the timetable.
  • Examine the things you’ve studied on a daily basis.
  • After finishing a chapter, complete chapter-by-chapter mock tests, and then complete the entire syllabus with full-length mock examinations.
  • Time management should be practised. It is critical that you use your three hours in the test hall productively and without fear.