Sometimes the means truly justify the end. Trees are one of the most vital parts of mother nature. Some occasions, however, require either the complete removal or pruning of trees. At One Day Tree Service, we give you the best services for tree pruning and removal services. Prices hike everywhere, and it is hard to differentiate the actual prices when it involves tree services. That is why we, One Day Tree Service are concerned enough to enlighten you on the tree trimming costs.  Numerous factors affect the price that comes with the removal and pruning of trees:

Tree’s accessibility

It is clear enough that tree elimination cannot be done by an individual but by a firm with a specialty in such services. We will survey the general location of your trees, and if it is within an area that has minor hindrance, the cost will be lower. However, if your trees are in a region around residents or near buildings, infrastructures, power lines, or other important sites, then the expenses will be pretty high. Time taken to eliminate trees inaccessible areas is longer. Time is a very precious commodity and, in turn, affects the costs. This is because we are trying to conduct this activity and being safe at the same time.

Tree’s magnitude

This is the primary factor that we consider when removing or pruning trees. Numerous trees can reach a height of around ten feet. The risks that come with releasing such a tree are countless. That is why the average cost of eliminating such a tree is about 700 US dollars through its maximum is 1000 US dollars. Alternatively, short trees generally cost less due to the less effort and more safety that comes with them.

Extra services

Tree elimination is a whole process. It does not stop after cutting the tree. The base of the tree and has a particular kind of service it needs. The stump diameter influences the cost since a short, thin stump requires less input than a tall, thick one. Sometimes a client might need to cut the trees into pieces of firewood or even reafforestation of trees curring extra charges. This explains why there are additional charges during the removal of trees.

Devices used

Depending on the above-listed factors, various tools will be at play when it comes to removing trees. Vast and tall trees will require advanced equipment, which is expensive and scarcely available in the market and sometimes might even need us to loan them.  We use specific tools when removing trees located in inaccessible areas. This is purposefully for safety reasons, and safe services are one of our pillars.

One Day Tree Service guarantees the best tree services whenever you need the elimination of unwanted trees. Our prices are fair at all times, and we put our clients’ interests first, especially safety in all angles. The quality of our services is beyond reproach, and we have the best tools at our disposal for domestic and commercial tree removal. Get your tree services today.