A home golf simulator is every golfer’s dream. For many years’ simulators were found at your local golf club. However, this has changed with the advancement in technology. You can own your golf simulator at a reasonable price.

Here, we will focus on the things to look out for when building an indoor golf simulator.

  • Choose a golf simulator space

Space is an essential thing when building a golf simulator at home. The best place to set it up is in your garage. The garage is quite spacious, and you do not have to occupy any other place in your house when using it.

Apart from the garage, other places you can look at are; backyard, game room, guest room or office, and basement.

Minimum space requirements

The space required when building a home golf simulator includes;

  • Minimum width

It should be the width of your golf screen or net, including a foot or two for safety purposes.

  • Minimum height

The height of the room should be taller than your screen or net. The highest point of the swing with your driver ought to be taller. 8-9′ is high enough for most people.

  • Minimum depth

The depth should provide enough room for your screen or net. Most nets and screens are around 3′ in the center.

To be on the safe side, you will require a room that is at least 10′ in depth.

  • Buy a launch monitor

They help in monitoring your training by checking your total distances and swing speed. There are so many options for launch monitors out there. They include; OptiShot 2, SkyTrak, Foresight Sports GC2, and TruGolf.

  • Identifying your golf simulation software

You must purchase simulation software depending on the launch monitor that you will choose. Some launch monitors come with their simulation software while others don’t. There are various simulation software you can choose from.

  • Pick your golf mat

The difference in golf mats depends on size and technology;

  • Golf mat size

A giant mat will cover the ball landing and hitting area. They also accommodate left and right-handed play.

  • Golf mat technology

The durability of a golf mat depends on the material. Gel layers help in reducing the impact of your shot. Solid all-around mats give a natural feeling. Additionally, added layers provide realistic goals as compared to natural grass.

  • Deciding on the use of a projector

Having a projection screen enhances your golf simulation experience. Watching your ball fly on a big screen makes the feeling authentic. Use a net, set up your computer or iPad next to the hitting area, and view your shot.

You can also purchase golf nets, impact screens, and projectors.


You have an idea of how to build a golf simulator with this information. Find the best simulation packages that match your budget. After all, having a home golf simulator is the best thing that can happen to you. You can comfortably play your golf at your convenient time.