The real estate market is a growing one. It is constantly undergoing change and evolution. Similar are the opportunities it brings. What makes it so popular is probably the fact that it can never be lost, stolen, or carried away. Although anyone can earn money in the real estate industry with the proper training, you must keep trying new things to stay on the top of the market, like a QR code generator for real estate. Sounds different, right?

Realtors today are using QR codes in varied ways for one and only one reason – to sell homes. Wondering how? We will tell you, but before that, look at some of these statistics to understand what makes real estate the kind of industry it is.

Eye-Opening Statistics About Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is vast, and full of opportunities. Here are a few notable statistics about the industry that will blow your mind!

  1. At a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.6%, the global real estate industry is anticipated to be worth 5388.87 billion in 2026.
  2. In the United States, there are 139 million houses.
  3. At $1,400 per square foot, Manhattan, New York, has the highest cost per square foot in the country.
  4. The United States Census Bureau reports 822,000 newly built residences were sold in 2020.
  5. In the United States, there are around 15.6 million unoccupied homes as of 2021.

Although the first 4 statistics bring out the brighter side of the real estate industry in the United States, it is the 5th statistic that you should be paying attention to. The number of unoccupied houses is significant, emphasizing the need for new ways of selling homes. This is exactly where a QR code generator for realtors comes into the picture. Let’s see how.

Innovative Ways Realtors Are Using QR Codes

1. As an Ad in Real Estate Magazines

A property listing in a real estate publication frequently lacks the details necessary for a potential buyer to decide whether to request more information. A QR code next to the real estate ad would allow potential customers to scan it and be redirected to a more thorough property description.

Consequently, realtors add a QR code next to the property to share important details like the asking price, surrounding neighborhood, local offerings, and more. This lets the prospects know the property in detail, increasing the likelihood of buying it.

2. As a Sale Sign

Oftentimes your prospective buyers don’t have enough time to ask for property details. They may just pass by a house with a sale sign that catches their interest but don’t have enough time to inquire about it. Later on, they may forget about it. Consequently, lose a potential buyer. But not if you have a QR code real estate sign for sale.

All the prospect will have to do is quickly click a photograph of the sale sign. Later, when they have time, they can scan the code and access the property details. As a realtor, you can share property information in the form of pdfs, pictures, or videos with the help of a simple QR code.

3. As a Sign Rider

A QR code real estate sign rider is another one of the ways realtors are using QR codes. And for obvious reasons. A signboard can only have so much information on it. Besides, if you make it too content-heavy, it will probably lose its impact. It will practically scare your prospective buyers away. And the best way to avoid this is via a QR code.

Since QR codes can embed a lot of information, it is wise to use them on your sign board. You can use some quirky, funny lines on the signboard to catch your prospective home buyers’ attention and then use the QR code to redirect them to the property detail. You can redirect them to property videos like a walk-in tour or lookbook with all the available properties for sale. The best part is that you can keep updating the property, given that changing the content of a QR code is straightforward.

4. As an Open House Sign In Sheet

Handing your prospective home buyers physical sign-in sheets to hear updates about the property is not a wise call today, especially when the world is moving towards digitization. As a result, numerous realtors have shifted to using a QR for open house sign in. This way, they collect all the information in one place in a few minutes. It also allows them to ask more questions to accurately understand the buyers’ needs. Thereby increasing the chances of selling the home.

Wrapping Up

It is important to change as the industry evolves. And Flowcode can help you make this transition smoothly. It enables you to design customized QR codes and link them to your website, sign-in form, pdf, images, and more! What makes it even better is the printing support it offers, making it easy to design, create, and print the codes!