Although the Roman Catholic Church usually promotes itself as the safest community where people in Louisiana can enjoy religious education and worship, things are not what they seem always.

Whether you are a victim of clergy sexual abuse in Louisiana or you have been remaining silent since the incident occurred, New Orleans priests accused of abuse can be held accountable and, at the same time, get the justice and compensation you deserve.

What was the First Evidence of Abuse?

According to some reports, one young boy was forced to pose as Jesus Christ on the cross for nude pictures. Another boy was forcefully raped so many times that his spine got injured permanently, resulting in painkiller addiction, which led to an overdose death.

The first real evidence of clergy sexual abuse in the United States swept the entire Roman Catholic Church in 2000. The Dallas Charter, a national charter, was established by the American bishops as a place for sexual abuse prevention and reporting. A few members demanded that all the accused be called out and permanently banned from the church.

The surviving perpetrators and abusers were stripped or defrocked of their religious positions and returned to being regular citizens.

Most of them went to work and lived in everyday societies, while others became foster parents and found work in various churches.

Clergy Abuse Lawsuits in Louisiana

The Catholic dioceses in Louisiana face hundreds, if not thousands, of clergy abuse legal claims and lawsuits. The three-year retroactive window for the survivors enacted recently can result in more clergy sexual abuse lawsuits in Louisiana against the dioceses.

More than 25 lawsuits against the Archdiocese of New Orleans got paused when the archdiocese filed for bankruptcy protection. But still, some of the dioceses are facing active lawsuits.

For instance, in 2020, a certain clergy abuse victim and a survivor filed a case against the Shreveport Diocese. According to the survivor’s claims, he got abused as a minor by William Allison, a former Catholic priest.

The alleged abuse occurred long before that diocese was established. Before 1986, the place was just a part of the Alexandria Diocese. Other survivors have mentioned Allison in their abuse allegations in the following places:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • New Mexico

What is the Current Statute of Limitations for Clergy Abuse in Louisiana?

As per the new Louisiana law, the statute of limitations for all civil lawsuits has been lifted. But the law isn’t retroactive. This is why survivors must consider filing a lawsuit before the window closes back on 2024 July 31.

Some sexual crimes involving forcible and aggravated rape don’t have a statute of limitation in the criminal system of law. However, victims need to file a lawsuit before they reach 48 years.

Final Remarks!

High-profile sexual abuse cases and harrowing testimonies given to the public inquiries continue to top the headlines.

The Vatican’s efforts to address the issue and hold pedophiles accountable are helpful, but alleged cover-ups are still continuing to dog churches.

This is why you must consult a sexual abuse attorney in Louisiana to help get the justice and compensation you deserve.