Safety is a significant aspect of any company. Simple things like wet flooring and debris can pose severe injuries to workers and should be avoided. It’s critical to employ proper measures to maintain high levels of safety at all times. Luckily, there are various ways to do this.

 Check out ways to minimize safety risks within a company:

  1. Understand the types of debris 

There are different kinds of dirt in a company, and fod is pretty common. This refers to Foreign Object Debris (FOD) which includes all materials that pose risks to individuals and equipment. They should be avoided in high traffic areas and are common in different industries, including manufacturing, aviation, warehousing and more.

Foreign debris includes objects that pose hazards in the workplace if not stored appropriately. They can pose danger to both employees and the company’s equipment. You’ll get different types of debris in any company; these include broken pavements, trash, employee tags, tools, soda cans and many more.

  1. Schedule FOD detection

Foreign debris poses different risks depending on its location within the company. Debris detection is vital in any company and will help reduce employee safety risks. There are various methods of detecting foreign debris; these include;

  • Visual inspections to determine large types of debris.
  • The use of cameras is also a technological way to identify foreign debris. It uses radar and infrared technologies to determine the presence of different types of FOD.
  • Sweepers are also common and collect dirt in one area for easy disposal.
  1. Ensure adequate lighting

Lighting can help avoid common safety hazards in a company. It illuminates all areas, making it easy to spot debris and clutter on hard to reach corners. Therefore, ensure adequate lighting on pathways, corners and staircases. Also, install quality outdoor lighting along walkways to enhance night security.

  1. Installing the right flooring 

Once you’re aware of the nature of potential hazards in your building, install the most suitable flooring to enhance safety. If working outdoors, choose weather-resistant flooring that can withstand harsh climates. Go for anti-slip flooring to avoid slips and falls that can lead to injuries.

  1. Be organized!

 Poor housekeeping is one of the leading causes of incidents. Keep your things to create an orderly and productive working environment. Also, put away worn out and damaged equipment. This way, you’ll avoid slips and falls and damages to other equipment.

For instance, shavings from loose fittings in the aerospace industry can interfere with seal connection leading to plane crashes later on.

  1. Conduct employee training

 Workers spend most of their time in the office and contribute to most of the foreign debris in an organization. Train them on proper waste disposal and how to avoid FOD incidents in the workplace.

A quick wrap up

Cleanliness eliminates dirt and leftover items on your flooring that can cause accidents and injuries. Maintain cleanliness and be organized at all times. Also, schedule debris detection often and dispose of unwanted items and appliances. This way, you enhance the safety of workers and ensure a conducive working space.

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