If you want to improve employee retention, you must do it right. It is not rocket science, but it is simply finding the right employee retention strategy that works for you and your business also your team of employees.

Below is how you do it.

Carry out employee performance assessments

Once you have decided that you want to retain only the best, you may need an employee retention company in your corner to guide you through this entire process. In this particular strategy, to do performance assessments, you need to formulate a method in which each employee enters their tasks and the results of each task.

You may base it according to time, urgency, and any other constraint that is helpful to determine the efficiency of the employee. On every task, have them jot down the challenges they might have faced and how they overcome them. With such insight, you can study closely how each team member tackles the challenges at hand.

To motivate the best performing employees, offer incentives and awards like the best salesperson of the month or best employee of the month based on their performance. This creates a competitive attitude with is a healthy working space.

Have constant structured stay interviews

Stay interviews are simply interviews with someone you have already been working with. It is different from the recruiting interview in that you get to get most of the feedback about the work from the employee. You do most of the asking, and they answer you with observations, comments, and opinions of possible changes that could make them better at their job.

A stay interview is a great tool to assess employee communication skills, which is critical in many professions. Unlike the performance assessment on paper or in a system, they get to answer the question face to face.

The HR manager usually bases the questions around how motivated they are, how they find the work environment, and how the employer could help improve it. This interaction is more personal, which cements if the person is suitable for the job.

It also offers the employee a listening ear if they have an issue to highlight. This becomes more effective if they see positive changes according to the feedback they gave you. This makes them stick around longer, increasing the rate of employee retention.

Test the employees on the new tasks

Another great way to ensure that you retain your best employees is to give them a test on the new tasks you may want them to handle. The best way to do this is to request the employee to do the new tasks besides their primary job, and if they do it to perfection, then that may be who you need.

Make the task as simple as possible. For example, if you wish to retain an employee and offer them a managerial position in marketing, ask them to do general research on the big marketing firms in your zone and what makes them great.

A proactive employee will search and ensure that they offer you as much quality as possible. And if they do, then you should keep them.

Bottom line

It’s never easy letting people go, but if you must, do it and remain with only the best. These methods will surely help you.