There are a few things in the biotech field that you can comfortably control. Your future is one of them. Dr. Leen Kawas began her meteoric ascent in the field of biotechnology in 2014 when she secured her CEO status at M3 Biotechnology. The Bothell-based start-up would secure public funding as it explored clinical trials for drugs directed toward treating Parkson’s and Alzheimer’s.

During her rise to the top of the industry, Kawas found herself working at Athira Pharma after securing her doctorate from Washington State University in the field of Molecular Pharmacology. Kawas would find herself stepping aside from the company after doctored images from her past resurface, though the issue had long been put to bed.

What’s Next For Leen Kawas?

After departing amicably from Athira Pharma, Dr. Leen Kawas would enjoy only a brief moment of respite before she found herself back on the field. Kawas had been gone from Athira Pharma for all of half an hour before a call from investor Richard Kayne appeared on her phone. Kayne had been wanting to work with Kawas and the time to strike was then. Kawas said of the opportunity, “I don’t get stuck. I move forward. When I look back at Athira, I remember the good days.”

After Kayne hit up her phone to collaborate on a new biotech venture, Dr. Leen Kawas knew that she would need to take a moment to collect her thoughts. Kawas said, “It took me five days to think about it. (…) I remember walking down and telling my husband, I think there’s a new opportunity.”

Now living in Los Angeles, Dr. Leen Kawas is focused on her work with Kayne as well as their proximity to investors in the field of life sciences. Kaws said, “It’s a very easy trip to San Francisco. I love Seattle. I love Washington.”

Opportunities Abound For Dr. Kawas

Far from her only offer, Kawas had been offered a CEO position at a company about to go public, Dr. Kawas understood that her next decision in the biotech sphere could be definitive. She took the gig after Kayne pointed out, “You’re not taking a job. You are a partner.”

Understanding the momentous nature of their work together, Dr. Kawas braced for the efforts to come. Kawas said, “It takes a lot of grit and a lot of resilience. “

To better overcome the hurdles and trials that have come her way, Dr. Leen Kawas understands that it is important to take care of her mental health. Kawas said, “I’ve got a therapist who specializes in career crises. Shout out to her. She has done this. Mental health is very important.”