In today’s homes, floor tiles are becoming quite popular. The floor tiles come in various kinds of different designs, styles, colors, and materials. They are manufactured to be more complex than the wall tiles. They are also made from porcelain and ceramic. You can put tiles in any room of your house.

 Flooring tiles have both benefits and disadvantages. We shall focus on them in this article.


  • They are easy to maintain and clean

Ceramic and porcelain surface tiles are very easy to clean. Use off-the-shelf cleaning products when washing your floor. You do not have to worry about the wet and rainy days when your children are around or on holiday.

You will wipe them with a mop in case of liquids, dirt, or stains on the floor. You can also sweep or vacuum the floor tiles from time to time.

  • It is a good investment for your home

Floor tiles are durable and hard-wearing. They will last much longer than a carpet since they require less maintenance. With tiles, you will feel the value of your money for a long time. It is a worthwhile endeavor.

  • They save the environment

Tiles have different eco-friendly characteristics and materials. They are a sustainable resource since they are manufactured from clay hence preserving the environment.

  • Installing when water is near

Unlike carpeting, floor tiles can withstand any wet environment. Tiles do not degrade just because they are wet. For this reason, people choose tiles for bathrooms and kitchens because of the spills that may occur.

  • They make your indoor quality air better

Carpets hide a lot of dirt and pollen, making it complicated when cleaning. For people with asthma, a natural tile floor is a must-have to maintain high indoor air quality. Regularly, you can be able to track allergens and dirt.


  • Heavier weight

Floor tiles are at times hefty. They may not be the best alternative for upper story installation.

  • Ceramic is a cold material

Unfortunately, ceramic flooring does not hold on to heat. It is very uncomfortable to walk on, especially during winter days. On a hot summer day, the flooring is usually warmer than usual.

  • Harder surfaces

Ceramic floors, in particular are tough. As much as they are easy to maintain and clean, they are also uncomfortable to walk on. It can only be softened by padded underlayment. They may not be the best choice for some households.

  • They are slippery

Most of the floor tiles are very slippery. Accidents are prone to happen on slippery floors. People need to be very careful when stepping on them, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.


Floor tiles adds more brightness and beauty to your home. The designs to choose from for your floor tiles cannot be exhausted. Make sure that you invest in tiles that are in line with your budget. Before deciding on which tiles to install in your home, consider all these pros and cons.