Efficient mailroom management software ensures that all residents receive their deliveries in a timely, orderly fashion. With the amazing increase in online shopping deliveries – a global increase of more than 25% in 2020 (https://www.weforum.org/press/2021/04/covid-19-has-reshaped-last-mile-logistics-with-e-commerce-deliveries-rising-25-in-2020/) — proper mailroom management has become a real problem for many landlords. Although many things go into overall satisfaction, the ability to get parcels on time is one of the most often requested amenities when people are searching for a new rental community.

What Do Residents Want From Their Mailroom?

People want to know the status of their packages, when they are delivered, and do not want to wait in long lines. The last detail depends on the hours of operation in your mailroom. With increased volume, it may not make sense to limit pickup hours to only one or two per day. Of course, the mailroom should immediately inform residents that their package arrived and is available. Convenience and speed top the list of desired benefits.

How Mailroom Management Software Provides Resident Satisfaction

The best mailroom management software can handle these types of service automatically as long as the residents contact information is in the system and notifications are allowed. Best of all, the digital data collection and notification abilities remove a lot of user error and delay from the process. Residents no longer have to wait for a busy mailroom worker or front desk personnel to contact them directly.

The increase in mailroom management software use and other types of PropTech have led to improvements in it tenant satisfaction. These days, people expect efficient and secure delivery of their parcels, and any disruption in the process could lead to negative reviews and feedback. As online shopping and delivery demands skyrocket, more organization and secure data gathering and use will provide the best service for all residents.

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