Home décor is an extremely steady and trendy niche. Every homeowner and even tenants like to decorate the place they live in. The aim is to make space feel like home. Home décor revenue until 2025 is predicted to reach $1037.14 billion. The key factors, which are driving the home décor market boost, include furniture, upholstery, fixtures, and fancy decorative items. The niche is in steady demand, so you can earn a good income selling home décor products.

Every dropshipper can take advantage of the performance and steadiness of this niche. For experienced drop shippers that follow the trends and variability allow sellers to take a huge risk and earn high rewards. In the US, there are several home decor dropshippers to consider. GoTen is a great dropshipping company that offers 20, 000+ SKU and has also earned optimistic reviews for timely deliveries.

Some profitable home décor products for dropshipping

  • Wall clocks – Wall clocks are functional and a decorative statement piece. The production cost of wall clocks is very low, which offers profit potential for sellers.
  • Curtains – Color and pattern trends come and go but home windows or doors will always need curtains. Curtains offer the needed privacy and never fade away from the list of interior decorations.
  • Cushion covers – Throw cushions and side cushions are standard in interior décor planet. Cushions add color and visuals to any room. They are also nice to rest on. Cushions covers can get switched with a new style to alter the room’s look with minimal investment.
  • Lamps – With the introduction of smart home technology standalone floor lamps, smart bulbs, and table lamps have reentered the interior décor scene. One thing to remember is lamps get shipped across the world, so choose lamps with robust design and less glass to avoid shipping damage issues.
  • Floor rugs – Floor rugs complement every floor, adds visual appeal, and softness to the room. Keep shipping costs in mind, so consider the size and weight of the carpet.

GoTen is one of the best free dropshipping sites that has its own warehouse, so products sold reach customers damage-free and quickly.