Stainless Steel Pipe is a type of steel pipes made through different methods and different compositions. The applications differ according to the grades and standards. There are different grades available in the market. There are 300 series austenitic pipes, 400 series martensitic pipes, 400 series ferritic pipes and precipitation hardening grades such as the grade 17-4. These all differ in their mechanical properties as well as chemical compositions and making procedure. The 300 series contain chromium, nickel and others. These cannot be heat treated after production. These are non-magnetic steel types. Some strengthening could be done by means of cold working. The 400 series martensitic have straight chromium. These are magnetic steel types. These can be heat treated. The 400 series ferritic have straight chromium and low carbon. These are magnetic and cannot be heat treated. Precipitation hardening steel types have chromium, nickel and others but can be either martensitic or austenitic. These are referred to as 630 grade as well.

Stainless Steel Pipe can be either cold drawn or hot rolled. The hot rolled ones could be butt welded or spiral welded. These are strong but have are not seamless. The stainless steel seamless pipe is cold drawn and therefore is precise in dimensions and can be used in precise measurements. Both types could be hardened further by cold working. Amongst all steel pipes, the 300 series is the most used. The ss 304 pipe price is comfortable for most buyers and applications due to the less alloy content.