BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – TAPinto talked with Barbara Lewis of B Lewis Properties about the state of the local real estate market. Lewis has over 15 years experience providing clients with expertise in property assessment and marketing plans.

“It’s been a super exciting time for real estate. — We have listed several properties this year with multiple offers on all of them across all sectors,” said Lewis.

“Real estate in Berkeley Heights, for example, there are 9 properties on the market.” In “normal times,” there could be 50 to 60 homes on the market. So you can see this is a dramatic change.

This is because the houses are really selling before they hit the market,” she said. “We’re actually not selling less houses, we’re just selling them much faster. — You have to make a decision, and you have to go for it.”

Nothing is sitting on the market unless the property’s condition is in need of a lot of work, she said. “And then the price has to be right for a builder to be able to make it marketable.”

Is there a right time to sell? 

“You really have to be in the house that suits your needs,” Lewis said. “So if you’re not really ready to move, and you’re enjoying your four bedrooms, or your two bedrooms, and you’re not ready to go to Florida or North Carolina, or wherever you might think you are going — that’s fine, be in your home, enjoy your home, maybe do some upgrades,” she suggested. “If you are thinking that maybe in the next six months to a year that you would want to make a change — that is the time to get your home ready.”