No matter how hard manufacturers and organizations try, the only thing they can truly do to understand the fluctuations in the supply chain is to speculate. There is no clairvoyance regarding these fluctuations that comes from operating in the industry for a long tenure. What those that have lasted in the industry do learn, however, is that focusing on what’s controllable will make the most difference in influencing success. For most manufacturing organizations, that comes down to equipment health. The functionality and health of equipment in a fleet is directly related to whether or not an organization can continue operating at its necessary output. In instances where the supply chain may feel like uncharted waters, encountering equipment failure will only make matters worse. In instances where organizations can only speculate on the supply chain, what they can prioritize instead is inspection, maintenance, and modernization services for their in-house systems. For some organizations that may look like load testing for cranes, for others, potentially examining the operational efficiency of their hoists. Whatever the case might be, it remains in control by the organization rather than the forces that be. For more information on controlling what’s controllable throughout supply chain uncertainty, take some time to review the resource featured alongside this post.

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

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