You may have some questions regarding credit cards before you choose one. So here are the answers to 5 such commonly asked questions.

#1 How Do Credit Cards Work?

A credit card lets you borrow a line of credit to make various payments, cash advances, and balance transfers. The card issuer specifies a date to pay back the amount spent using your card. Try to pay at least the minimum balance by the due date every month. It’s best to clear the full balance on time to avoid being charged.

#2 How to Get a Credit Card Online?

To get a credit card online:

  • Compare the facilities and benefits of different credit cards. Some cards have low-interest rates and don’t levy annual maintenance fees, over-the-limit charges, cash advance fees, etc.
  • Select the best credit card that suits your needs. For example, if you travel often, choose a travel credit card with complimentary airport and railway lounge accesses.
  • Visit the website of your chosen bank.
  • Check your eligibility for your preferred kind of credit card.
  • Read all the terms and conditions of the picked card.
  • Apply online for the credit card.
  • Once you fill out the application form, enjoy a quick online approval to use the card!

#3 Can I Get a Credit Card Without a Job?

You’re eligible to receive a credit card if there is a considerable amount of cash comes into your account every month. For example, if you’re a non-salaried individual, you can still get credit cards if you’re self-employed with substantial earning.

#4 What Can I Pay Using a Credit Card?

You can use your credit card to make different payments for:

  • Shopping branded garments, bags, shoes, kitchen set and more.
  • Dining in five-star restaurants.
  • Healthcare and wellness purchases like buying medicines online.
  • Educational purchases like annual academic subscriptions.
  • Buying services like legal and more.
  • Travel expenses like hotel and flight booking.
  • Buying fuel.

Consider choosing a credit card that provides time-to-time offers in association with various merchants on the above categories. For example, a fuel surcharge waiver benefit lets you purchase fuel at discounted prices.

Besides, you can use your credit card to pay bills and book movie tickets (with discounts on certain credit cards).

You can also finance high-value purchases like a refrigerator, laptop etc. using your credit card. For that:

  • Consider taking a loan against your credit card.
  • Pay it back in EMIs within the given repayment tenure.
  • See if any cashback is offered on the first transaction.

#5 How to Get Back Expired Credit Card Rewards?

To get back expired credit card rewards, you can approach the customer care department and request the same. However, chances are few that you’ll be allowed to use the expired rewards. So, it’s best to apply for a rewards credit card whose points never expire! An example is a select credit card. With such a card, you need not hurry to redeem your rewards because you won’t ever lose them.