There might not be any proper cure for arthritis pain, but you can always prevent it. It’s best to avoid such foods that trigger joint pains. Arthritis or inflammation is the pain of one or more joints. Further, some of the main symptoms are swelling, stiffness and tenderness. Arthritis is a natural response of the body or it can be through injuries as well.

The podiatrist in Irvine Orange County treats stem cell therapy properly. They have experts who first try to understand the problem and then give solutions. The therapy helps to repair the body damage done by arthritis or inflammation.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell for knee is the process of injecting stem cells in the injured area. It directly affects the arthritis area and also the surrounding areas. Stem cell therapy is also used for treating knee pain. The process is so easy and simple and most people are resorting to the practice.

First, the podiatrist can draw a small amount of blood. They will then inject the blood into the stem cells.

Many people feel that stem cell for arthritis can be used to treat all kinds of pain. It has shown effective results in knee injuries and pains.

Best and Worst foods for arthritis pain

Foods that are good for arthritis

·         Garlic

Onions and garlic have immune-boosting powers in them. With a strong immune system, you will not have arthritis pain sooner.

·         Nuts

Nuts are quite a great source of proteins and are very good for everyone. It is a storehouse of zinc, Vitamin E, and magnesium that acts as an immune booster in the body. Likewise, it is an easy way to get proteins into the body. It keeps the digestive tract healthy and having nuts is very filling as well.

·         Fruits

Citrus fruits are yet another food suggested by a podiatrist. Grapefruits, oranges, lemons, have allies to fight against joint pains. They have a huge source of Vitamin C in them. Also, it is ideal for all those who prefer having sweets.

·         Beans

Beans are another source of fibers and proteins. Beans have folic acid, zinc, potassium, etc. all that have immune-boosting properties in them.

Foods to avoid

·         Gluten products

Gluten causes celiac diseases apart from causing arthritis pain. About 41% of the people suffering from RA have improved on gluten-free diets. You have to avoid gluten as much as possible.

·         White sugar and carbs

Refined sugar has been famous over years and these are nutrients free toxins needed in the body. Likewise, they help to increase inflammation in the body. You have to avoid trans fats at all costs.

·         Processed and fried foods

Fried foods have all the damaged nutrients not needed in the body. All of these cause inflammation in the body. The defense mechanism starts working inappropriately which gives rise to arthritis pain.


These are some of the foods that need to be taken and avoided. Green tea also has antioxidants in them very helpful to the body. Talk to the doctor about things you should have to avoid arthritis pain.