When people think of South Carolina, their minds immediately go to the beaches.  This amazing state offers the chance to enjoy beautiful beachy views, long comfortable summer evenings, and some of the best company you’ll find in the country.

If you’re eager to head south and get a little sun: these are the best beach towns in South Carolina!

Why a Beach Vacation in South Carolina?

South Carolina’s beaches set it apart from almost any other state.  Not only are the sands clean and gorgeous tans, but the towns themselves feel like they were made for tourism and fun.  From the fantastic nightlife of Charleston to the vintage, fun beach-town vibes of Myrtle Beach, you’ll fall in love with every city you encounter.

Beyond this, South Carolina is so much more affordable than its beachy cousin Florida, so it’ll let you vacation longer and stretch your dollar a little further.

Myrtle Beach

The most iconic beach town in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach can feel like it’s a tourist trap by nature.  Not only does this city give you the chance to enjoy any vacation to the fullest, but you can also find something that will interest anyone that comes with you.  From mini golf to incredible scuba lessons and fantastic beaches that constantly wash up unclaimed treasure: there’s nothing else quite like Myrtle Beach.


With a population of 150,000: Charleston is the largest city on this list by far.  Defined by its gorgeous cobblestone streets, fantastically elegant homes and districts, and wonderful food: you’ll never want to leave once you arrive.  The beaches are even better, offering calming views and fantastic vibes. Charleston houses for sale are affordable enough to be a major temptation!

Isle of Palms

The smallest town on this list, home to less than five thousand people, is a city on the barrier island of the same name.  The beaches are gorgeous, and the condos that call this island home are some of the most expensive in the state.  Thankfully, you don’t have to live here to have access to the awesome beach, picnic areas, playgrounds, and other fun that’s to be had here.

If you’re not into mindless fun, you can also enjoy a history lesson by checking out Fort Moultrie, which lets you learn about the American Revolution and the Civil War.

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

If you’re packing for a beach vacation, it’s important that you make sure you get everything right.  The most obvious thing you have to bring is sunscreen, which could protect your skin from future ailments and blemishes, but you should also remember to bring breathable, lightweight clothes, a water bottle you can refill, bug spray if you plan on exploring the natural beauty out here besides the beach, and a sense of adventure.  There’s nowhere else quite like South Carolina.

These Beaches Know How to Have Fun!

Whether you’re traveling in from another state or you’re trying to figure out which beach to drive to next: consider one of these three!  South Carolina understands the importance of a good beach city!