Allston is a popular enclave for students in Boston, as it provides a reasonably priced off-campus housing option in close proximity to Boston University and Northeastern University.  For that reason, Allston apartments are abundant and very accommodating to students.  But if you think that living in Allston will provide little in the form of culture and entertainment, think again.  Allston is loaded with great restaurants and points of interest that will keep you busy between studying.

Check out these spots:

  1. Enjoy a delicious sandwich at Roast Beast

It is home to the best roast beef sandwich in Boston. (The chicken and turkey are pretty good, too.) The meat is stacked high, served on freshly baked rolls and toppings that will leave you drooling. The process is simple: choose your size, roll, and toppings, then dig in.

  1. Beat the cold weather at LimeRed Teahouse

It is one of the recent entries to Allston’s café scene. LimeRed serves up fine bubble tea drinks with freshly brewed tea sweetened with brown sugar and topped with your choice of aloe, nata de coco, and tapioca pearls.

More than eight different flavors are available to choose from, but classic milk tea is just out of this world.

  1. Go shopping at Hong Kong supermarket

It is a half food court and supermarket. It is a sprawling complex for anyone seeking authentic Southeast Asian, South Asian, and East Asian cuisine. The Food Connection food court has a dazzling array of cheap meals at ten stalls.

  1. Visit Hopewell bar and kitchen

The restaurant has been in operation since 2016. It is based on three principles; remember your roots, take pride in your work, and serve up terrific food and drinks.

Try dishes like the roasted mushroom gnocchi for dinner, four grilled pizzas for lunch, and the cast iron skillet–baked cinnamon roll for brunch.

In addition to this, they also have an extensive cocktail menu like the Frida Kahlo and Ghost tears.

  1. Stop at Spike’s Junkyard Dogs

If you are here and are looking for a place to stop after a night out, try Spike’s. For just around $5, you will enjoy real beef hot dogs made from fresh-baked French rolls.

Also top of the menu is cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, hot pepper ring, and many more. You will get free hotdogs if you are lucky enough to be there during anniversary celebrations.

  1. Play at Replay’d

It is a retro video game shop and a gamer’s paradise. Here, you will find used copies of every new game and console for sale. Rare collectible titles from years past to childhood-favorite games like the Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 are available at affordable prices.

It is also a haven for casual gamers and diehards alike. You will also have plenty of time for browsing.

Bottom line

There is a whole bucket list of places you can tour while in Allston. You can tag along with your family and friends as there are so many fun-filled activities you can indulge in together.

You will feel the value for your money by visiting all these shared places.