Whether you are trying to promote your services or products or you are a marketer, having a  strong Instagram presence in today’s world is crucial for increasing traffic and engagement. Yes, you might be interacting with your followers on a granular level, but do you really have that much time? Is it really offering you the traffic you are expecting? While interacting with customers is crucial to understand what they think of your brand and where you can improve, there are some time-tested other tactics too. And to help you out, here are some ways that would help you stay in action.

Size Does Not Always Matter, Focus On Quality And Intent

While followers are crucial, the number of followers does not always matter, rather the quality of your followers, and how many of them you are capable of transforming into consumers is what matters. sotsiaalmeedia haldamine is not easy but knowing these tactics will help you boost engagement. Micro-influencers are sometimes considered to be more powerful than an influencer having millions of followers.

Size does not always matter, micro-influencers with even 5000 followers are successful. They understand who their followers are, what they are looking for, and what they want to watch. This plays a great role in determining traffic rates. You should analyze with the help of various social media tools what would get your followers hooked.

Be Consistent

One of the biggest challenges you will face is staying consistent, you must provide your consumers with content that encourages them to come back every time. One way to do so is by posting regularly and staying loyal to them. When it comes to Instagram, posting anything you like is like welcoming failure. Followers find it extremely appealing when you invest in your content where your time and effort, and passion show. Again, posting constantly will also help you create a special bond with your followers.

Always Use Hashtags

Let’s be real, Instagram would not be there without hashtags so make use of it as much as you can. Instagrammers unlike Twitter can use up to 30 hashtags in every post. However, the hashtags should not be irrelevant; otherwise, you would be spamming your followers and will end up receiving a not-so-attractive Instagram shadowban. Instagram stories with locations help with higher visibility. The hashtags do not always have to be trendy ones, they could be common ones too that are used every day, this helps with SEO optimization. Analyze your hashtags before you use them.

Request For Feedback

Instagram should be heavily used for getting feedback from your followers, this way you can deliver products and services depending on requirements. Feedback could be gained in the form of polls, stickers as well as questions. Ask them questions as to whether they like the product or not, what their opinion is about the brand, whether they are enjoying the content or not, and what they wish to see next time. Using this feedback, you could craft your future Instagram and even other social media posts accordingly.

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