In recent times, Foamex is used as a preference for signboards. This is because the material is lightweight and it’s economical.

There are not a lot of materials that offer the sort of durability that foamex signs do and this makes them a great choice.

In this article, we shall look at Foamex – the definition of Foamex, what it can be used for, as well as its pros and cons.

What is Foamex?

Foamex, also known as PVC foam board, is a kind of rigid plastic that is made of expanded PVC. It varies in terms of thickness ranging from 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, or 19mm.

According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “It’s mainly used in the printing industry and it’s friendly for fabrication, easy to bend, cut into shape, drill, glued, and printed upon.” Interestingly, Foamex is very durable too.

What Are the Uses of Foamex?

To appreciate Foamex, it is important to know what it is used for. Foamex is quite common and it is used for banners, signage, or display boards.

It springs up as a major preference for board printing because of its fine structure and cell. Foamex comes in various specifications and colors, which renders it a common preference for professional printing.

Foamex has nine different colors and it comes in ten distinct thicknesses, which range from 1 mm to 19 mm. But, the most popular variants of Foamex are 3mm, 5mm, and 10 mm.


Here are some important advantages of using Foamex that has made it very popular:

#1. It is Economical

Compared to other kinds of special materials such as plywood and the rest, Foamex can be a less expensive substitute material. This can save you some money and help put your budget in shape.

#2. Easily Conform to Shape

Due to its nature, foamex is very flexible. What that means is that it can be bent easily into different shapes. Foamex is the best alternative for creative signage ideas that need some unique shapes.

Therefore, it is a clever choice for those who want their boards to appear unique and however be cost-effective.

#3. Not Too Heavy

Belonging to the category of hassle-free materials, foamex is quite easy to transport and mount because of its lightweight nature. It saves any additional costs.


With its many advantages, foamex signs still have some cons to it as well:

#1. It Gets Weak When Kept Outside

Foamex can suffer from harsh weather conditions, such as rays from sunlight and heavy downpour. Foamex doesn’t last long under harsh weather conditions. If kept under such conditions, Foamex can easily be damaged.

Although, it can last for 3-5 years. However, it may not stand the test of the weather as the thick material banners can outside.

#2. They Can Warp

Since foamex comes in different thickness variations, it can occur for you to choose the wrong type. A thinner or lesser alternative warp easily and which would not be good enough to present.

However, a 10 mm Foamex board is not easily vulnerable to warp compared to a3 or 5mm Foamex.


Having said all these, Foamex boards are still a popular choice for customers. It has stunning color options, it is cost-effective and it is a versatile choice that works well in most cases. What’s more, their durability makes them a solid choice as well.