Miki Agrawal is a name that may be familiar if you live in or exist around New York City. A social entrepreneur and a doorbuster with style in spades, Miki Agrawal, has risen to her position as an industry disruptor by embracing taboos, following her truth, and bringing modern perspectives and solutions to age-old problems.

The founder of TUSHY, America’s best-in-class bidet, and the leader at THINX, a sustainable period-proof underwear company, Miki Agrawal, has carved out a unique space in the public consciousness, and it doesn’t appear that she is ready to retire her efforts anytime soon.

Let’s dive into the world of Miki Agrawal so that we can better understand how she has succeeded, why she makes the decisions she makes, and what others can do to follow in her footsteps.

Introducing Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal first began her career journey by attending Cornell University in 2001. It was there that Agrawal graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business and Communications before taking on a job at Deutsche Bank in New York City. A brief foray into the financial field was cut short by the traumatic and tragic events of 9/11, causing Miki Agrawal to re-evaluate just what she wanted out of her life.

After deciding to leave financials behind, Miki Agrawal would establish WILD as a farm-to-table eatery that focused on pizza, quality ingredients, and a winning atmosphere. A few short years later, Agrawal would introduce TUSHY and THINX to her repertoire, joining Fast Company’s Most Creative People list as well as INC’s Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs countdown.

Throughout her career, Miki Agrawal has delighted in helping her clients to find the solutions that they need for age-old or otherwise taboo problems. It makes sense that Agrawal would end up writing Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman along the way.

Learning About Tushy

One of Miki Agrawal’s most enduring success stories features her work at TUSHY. Tushy was developed as a concept borne from Agrawal’s background in a Japanese and Indian household. Coming to find the benefits of bidets at a young age, Agrawal would eventually go back to her youth’s comforts to introduce them to a new generation of individuals.

Agrawal recalled her personal bathroom struggles in 2014, pointing to a hyperthyroid condition that led to many bathroom breaks and visits throughout the day. Agrawal was dealing with her physical struggles when she and her partner ordered a bidet from Asia. The ‘aha’ moment clicked, and soon Agrawal was working on her solution, which would become the TUSHY bidet.

A willingness to find solutions to problems that we’ve long existed with has been the guidepost for Agrawal’s success in the field. Her work with TUSHY would lay down the foundation for her efforts with other game-changing and disruptive industries.

Pushing Toward the Future by Learning from the Past

While Miki Agrawal has enjoyed meteoric growth throughout her career, she knows that she had to overcome many hurdles and struggles to get to where she is at. Along the way, Agrawal honed in on a few concepts that she hopes other entrepreneurs are willing to learn from.

  • Question Everything – If you are questioning things, you are likely to stay caught up. Take time to question what shows up before you so that you can harness creativity to find new and exciting solutions. Agrawal said, “I knew that I could harness creativity and innovation and disrupt tired old categories that sorely needed elevating.”
  • Take Risks – If you aren’t willing to take creative risks, your company can’t grow in that same way. Agrawal’s goal is to continue creating risks as her company ages, something in contrast to most competitors.