It has been a fascinating evolution for Africa and the internet. Kendall Ananyi, the CEO of Tizeti, has seen the highs and the lows of internet solutions throughout different areas. With a focus on providing quality internet and WiFi solutions all over the continent, how close is that to becoming a reality? For some entrepreneurs, they are shocked to find that it is closer than one might think.

Early internet in Africa

Developed areas throughout Africa have had the internet for quite a while. In fact, the speeds are right there with any other locations around the world. However, the less fortunate areas around the continent are trying to offer this technology for people to challenge themselves and potentially find new career opportunities.

The internet in less developed areas of Africa has been very primitive. It usually requires a lot of patience, and users can’t even play certain media. To make matters worse, most people in these developing areas are priced out of internet solutions, so they can’t even afford basic internet access. This made it nearly impossible for anyone to keep up with the rest of the world, or even other parts of the continent, for that matter. Something as simple as sending emails consistently is not available.

A smarter, more accessible internet

Tizeti’s Kendall Ananyi is one of many innovators trying to make the internet more accessible than ever before. It is a daunting task in the eyes of many, but one that could pay huge dividends. It is all about providing more stable internet solutions and also making it more affordable.

Internet prices continue to come down as more competition emerges. Tizeti is often 30% to 50% cheaper than a lot of other internet solutions out there. That is excellent news for those on a very tight budget but still want to have full access to the internet at home and on the go.

Mobile solutions for a more mobile user

Mobile internet is on the rise all around the world, and Africa is no different. There are business owners who are always on the go, and many don’t want to be limited to only their home to access the internet.

Companies such as Tizeti are making that a better reality overall. Unlimited WiFi Internet access can be from several different WiFi hotspots all around local areas. These are very easy to log into, and they provide consistent internet speeds that customers are used to.

Can Africa catch up?

It is a long journey for some parts of Africa to catch up with the rest of the world as far as internet access is concerned. However, there are many steps in the right direction that make people very optimistic about what the future holds.

Kendall Ananyi believes that so much is riding on the emergence of better internet in Africa over the next few years. By closing the gap, millions of individuals will have unlimited potential at their fingertips that can only be positive for the next generation. That is why Ananyi is so passionate as a visionary to do his part in bringing better internet solutions to many people in numerous countries in Africa.