Five Ways To Ensure Employee Wellbeing

Workplace culture is an extremely important consideration for any business looking to ensure long term success. Employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity rely upon the quality of a workplace’s atmosphere and environment. The responsibility of such a positive workplace culture falls to the employer and individual employees who do not see […]

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Retail Technology

Store technology continues to rapidly change and while many transitions are minor, occasionally there is a significant leap that retailers must adapt to or risk being left behind. One such transition was contactless transactions. Cards, phones, and watches began to make payments remarkably easy for customers in all places except […]

Miki Agrawal, Creator of TUSHY, On the Value of Humor In Today’s Marketing

Miki Agrawal, the creator of popular bidet brand TUSHY, tells ABC Money how “toilet humor” — something she’s never been embarrassed to use in her marketing — can help foster meaningful relationships with prospective customers. By nature, the TUSHY brand is somewhat stigmatized, something serial entrepreneur Miki Agrawal is looking […]