Start your small business

There is no magic formula or one-size-fits-all for starting an SME, each company being as unique as its owner. However, everyone can take the same practical steps to ensure that the foundation of the business is strong. Click here to find out more regarding the starting rules of SME. Know your […]

Qualities to look for in an Auditor

Auditors are a significant pillar of good governance, risk management and controls in any organization. If you’re thinking about hiring in the future or now, what qualities of an auditor should you keep in mind to ensure you select the best candidate? While technical skills such as accounting, auditing and […]

Why Philanthropy is important for Business

Charitable giving is something that several large corporations and high net worth individuals contribute their earnings and time to, frequently for tax relief purposes. But contributing to an essential cause is not only about decreasing your tax burden for the financial year. There are several hidden benefits of giving to […]