Annual reports are necessary for businesses and NGOs to maintain good status with the head of state. Many states demand annual reports. States and types of entities have different deadlines and costs.

The deadline to file an Alaska annual report is not consistently communicated by state authorities. As an outcome, you could be keeping track of the deadlines for your company’s annual financial statement on your own. Maybe the state sent you a letter informing you that your yearly report is approaching its deadline, or maybe past it.

The instructions for filing the Alaska annual report are available on this website. You may find the filing fees as well as the due deadlines associated with Alaska annual filings for each kind of company in our helpful reference table.

How to Submit an Alaska Biennial Report

The Alaska Biennial Report can be submitted by mail and online. In any case, to create a form unique to your company, go to Alaska’s Department of Corporation, Business and Licensing website.

  • Navigate through the Alaska Corporations Database webpage at the state portal.
  • Click “Search” after entering your company name within the “Entity Name” field.
  • To choose your company, click the company number that appears adjacent to the company name in the list of search results.
  • In order to submit your organization’s biennial report, visit the link.
  • If you would want to download the physical copy and ship it in, you can select any two ways “print form” and “file online.” This Alaska Biennial Report form over your company will be generated by the website.

You will include and, if needed, update the following data while completing the annual report:

  • Name and location of the business.
  • The name along with the location of your Alaskan registered representative. (If you want to change current Alaska registered agent, you must complete another “Change of Agent Form” plus pay an extra $25.)
  • The contact information of the directors, officials, managers, and members.

You may utilize a credit card to pay the registration fee if you file online. Please include a bank draft or money order with the application if mailing.

What details are needed for the first report?

According to Alaskan law, some information must be included in all first reports. With respect to the kind of corporate entity submitting the report, different information is needed.

The first corporate report has to include:

  • The corporation’s title and the jurisdiction in which it was incorporated
  • The registered agent of the corporation’s phone number
  • A description of the company’s operations, together with the applicable business activity classification
  • The corporation’s executives and directors’ addresses and full names
  • The entire amount of shares, broken down by class, that the corporation is authorized to issue
  • The total units issued as of right now, broken down by class
  • The address and name in any foreign affiliate—a term used to refer to individuals or businesses associated with the corporation—that is situated beyond the United States
  • Everybody holding at least five percent. of the shares, together with their name and address

To ensure a seamless filing procedure, the Alaska Division of Corporations, company, and Professional Licensing urges company owners to gather the necessary data prior to beginning the file.

Date of Due

Every two years, beginning with the date of filing the Alaska LLC Initial Paper, you have to submit your Biennial Report. The deadline for filing your annual report is January 2nd (once every second year).

For instance, if your first report was filed on the fifteenth of May 2024, the biannual report must be submitted on January 2, 2026, and so on. After that, it is required by January 2 of each subsequent year.

Having Issues?

For assistance in calculating the due date of your Biennial Report, contact the state’s office at 907-465-2550.