The Importance Of Shipment Tracking

The online retail industry took enormous leaps and bounds throughout the past few years. Responding to a nationwide pandemic left retailers in a bind, one that they needed to see themselves out of for the sake of their success and the loyalty of their customers. The large players, such as […]

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery?

With large players such as Amazon dominating the e-commerce space, shoppers have become more accustomed to the additional value that these companies offer in comparison to smaller businesses. For example, with Amazon Prime, customers can expect a much quicker turnaround on their orders via accelerated shipping. However, this is only […]

Workplace Investigation Timeline

While most of the work that managers and human resource professionals do is primarily geared toward the advancement of employees, they’re also as trained in the handling of transgressions and misconduct that occurs in their workplace. Prevention of any of this misconduct can be difficult, but most investigations that are […]

Getting More From Your Payment Recovery Efforts

Even when tested with a worldwide pandemic, the healthcare industry didn’t crack. While it’s true that most medical staffs deserve all the credit in the world, they’re a large cog in an even larger machine. Healthcare payers, such as the countless health insurance companies enabling patients to receive care, are significantly challenged […]