Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in unprecedented damage to the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. Many people have struggled with many other issues, which includes financial losses, increase mental stress etc. However, the pandemic has also opened new doors for entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities. Here are few examples of the opportunities.

Online Tutoring & Coaching

The UAE was among the first countries to plan and implement a mandated distance learning education system. It has resulted in students across the Emirates relying on virtual classrooms and relevant online teaching to continue practising and continuing their education without major interruptions for the students.

As many of the regular school/college going students get more accustomed to this new form of virtual learning, it has created a new unexplored market with growth opportunities for individuals with the relevant skills to supplement the regular formal education system through online coaching and tutoring and teaching.

Home Bakers & Cloud Kitchen

Home bakers and cloud kitchens are very new concepts in the Food and beverage industry. Cloud kitchen and home bakeries in busy cities and towns provide homemade meals and baked foods to work professionals on-demand. The cloud kitchens offer many advantages such as minimum requirement, saving the operating costs in fancy themed interior and operating with minimal staff.

For individual entrepreneurs to start a home bakery or equipped cloud kitchen is comparatively easy with few alternations to the existing home kitchen to fit and accommodate the quantity they plan to sell. In the UAE, one can quickly obtain a license (Food/Cafeteria License) to start your home bakery or Cloud Kitchen after submitting all required documents, receiving the necessary approvals and obtaining the final company documents.

Digital Marketing Companies

During the pandemic, company employees and other consumers are forced to remain indoors with very few flexibilities, resulting in increased internet usage among all generations of users. Every day, a more significant number of people entered the world of digital communication.

Digital communication has provided enormous opportunities to discover a new audience group by leveraging relevant digital channels and targeting countless ways. Digital Marketing Consultancies are in an increased demand to share the expertise and guide the brands to expand their reach out using the digital medium.

Individuals can set up a digital marketing company in the UAE by obtaining the license of the service from the UAE mainland authorities and Freezones for an affordable fee. Freezones in the UAE offer to retain the overall business setup cost and other overhead costs at a low so that the entrepreneurs can aim for the flexible-desk spaces or shared workspaces in the respective Free Zones. However, for executing digital marketing services, colossal office space is never an essential requirement. The setup requires a good laptop and proper internet connectivity to execute the digital projects for their clients. All client meetings can be conducted online, in the rented premises or any convenient location for both parties.

Virtual Assistance services

In the new digital world, virtual assistance is responsible for connecting people in the digital world. Be it the doctor’s appointment, scheduling the interviews for the companies, arranging the conference calls, guiding the emergency services- virtual assistance services play a crucial role in executing these tasks.

Virtual Assistance services could provide the entrepreneurs with a steady workflow, local and international clients, and cashflows to sustain the business with a bare minimum investment in the basic support systems. Almost all the work is coordinated through an online medium.

Health and Hygiene

Cleaning and hygiene companies have seen an uptrend in demand for their services since the spread of coronavirus. Sanitation is now of utmost importance than ever as more and more people and companies slowly venture out of long periods of lockdown to workplaces, cafes, restaurants and lodges. The world’s largest hotel companies have all announced new comprehensive and strict cleaning policies in response to coronavirus. For cafes, bars and restaurants, individual and shared workspaces, hotels and holiday inns, the only way to regain customer trust are to guarantee the highest possible level of safety and cleanliness. It has opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs to start ventures servicing the health and hygiene industry.

Telemedicine is another promising industry experiencing an uptick in growth and expansion. Medical patients seek virtual consultation and disease diagnosis online without worrying about the risk of reinfections from crowded waiting rooms in surgeries and hospitals.