Effective leaders come from every background and with different focuses that they’ve curated along the way. Daniel Shin has become a leading voice in the e-commerce space as he continues to find innovative opportunities with his work at PortOne Global, Fast Track Asia, and TicketMonster (TMON).

Having found his way to the top of the entrepreneurial ladder through his international work in e-commerce, Shin has garnered some attention. Taking time to glean lessons from his own resume and past, Shin shared some of the most insightful things that he learned along the way.

Develop a Good Team

Even solo entrepreneurs need to be able to work with a team in order to accomplish their goals. Daniel Shin believes that every great organization is borne from the work of a connected team. For that reason, Shin suggests looking to find the best possible teammates based on their fit with what you are trying to accomplish.

When you put your head together with like-minded individuals who are committed to finding creative solutions, good things tend to happen. Shin says of this process, “Surround yourself with talented, like-minded people who can add passion to your life and help execute your ideas.”

Adding to the concept, Shin said, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life.”

Build Ideas That Make Waves

In an already saturated market, it is passing difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd unless they offer something new, unique, or innovative. Daniel Shin focused on expanding e-commerce solutions throughout the Asian market as he saw an immense opportunity for it to happen.

Implementing Fast Track Asia has allowed Daniel Shin to continually fund concepts that would blossom under the right circumstances. Shin’s work as an angel investor has allowed him to put money toward ideas that are destined to make waves, garnering larger and more widespread industry attention.

With that all being said, Daniel Shin understands that there are going to be times when it is right to back down from an idea, even though it makes waves. Shin says,” If I could go back, I would choose where to fight and where to retreat. I would strategically pick my battles with the long term in mind.”

PortOne Global and Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin’s crowning achievement at the time of this writing has been his focus on developing PortOne Global, a capitalizing firm that focuses on end-to-end payments infrastructure.

Through the development of PortOne Global, Shin has been able to offer

  • Comprehensive Payment API
  • Streamlined Data Reconciliation
  • Consultation Services For Online Payment Processes
  • Value-Added Applications

Shin saw how difficult it was to guide engineers through the payment landscape that was fragmented across Asia. By developing PortOne Global, Shin plugged a solution into a market looking for an answer.