Health Carousel is a leader in healthcare services for many hospitals, medical clinics, healthcare facilities, and medical practices throughout the U.S. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Health Carousel was established in 2004. Since then, it has earned a name as one of the most valuable players in the healthcare industry.

The global nursing shortage has taken the legs out of most of the healthcare facilities across the U.S. Health Carousel has made it its mission to rectify the situation. As a leader in healthcare staffing, Health Carousel not only provides a link between qualified candidates and the healthcare facilities that need them. It also has come up with an exciting initiative to ensure that the pool of qualified nurses is filled for generations to come.

Cincinnati’s Health Carousel has become a growing player in the U.S. medical industry. The company regularly assists hospitals and medical practices in all 50 states with their healthcare staffing needs. While providing these customer services, Health Carousel has also been recognized for its ethical and sustainable practices.

Health Carousel also maintains a strong commitment to enriching the communities in which it operates. To achieve this, the company supports local non-profit organizations in several ways. Health Carousel also encourages and supports employee involvement in non-profit special interest organizations.

Elevating Communities

Health Carousel and its medical staff help the company positively impact hospitals and medical practices across the United States. In carrying out this important role, Health Carousel executives and employees are committed to ensuring that the company’s strategic plans and operational practices are aligned with the company’s goals. Specifically, Health Carousel seeks to continue to improve the lives and health of its local and global communities.

Recruiting Qualified Candidates

Health Carousel supports a business environment that enables every employee to thrive. The company also maintains a number of staff development, education, and wellness programs at its regional offices. Together, these policies encourage the continued professionalization and growth of the workforce.

A Positive Impact on the Community

Health Carousel’s charitable contributions give it a great deal of merit. In all the communities it serves, the company is involved in health initiatives that align with its mission. Additionally, Health Carousel’s Board of Directors is committed to improving the quality of life in many of the company’s communities. Ultimately, Health Carousel’s corporate support enables many nonprofit programs to have the greatest community impact. Health Carousel employees also play an important role in community outreach for the company. First, health workers are often recognized for their desire to make a difference in their communities. Recognizing this, Health Carousel offers its members the opportunity and resources to contribute to the charity of their choice. In other words, the company always encourages employees to get involved in non-profit organizations that they feel connected to. By recognizing the voluntary efforts of employees, Health Carousel paves the way for increased employee engagement on many levels.