As the e-commerce space has evolved, so too has the expected customer experience. Regardless of where or how a customer decides to shop, they expect an experience that they can’t get from another. It’s up to retailers to provide this level of experience to their customers for the sake of retaining them. Just how can retailers provide this level of customer experience, though? It begins by providing an omnichannel experience that meets customers wherever they are. This means allowing customers to browse offerings on their mobile devices, purchase any products in-store or online, and offering a fair return policy are all ways to make the shopping experience more convenient. By integrating data collected across these touchpoints, you can make the experience truly seamless for every customer. Modern POS platforms and billing software increasingly feature streamlined data collection and integration capabilities for this very purpose. Retailers can choose strategies aligned with their business goals and resources. However, a truly multi-pronged omnichannel approach ensures CX covers diverse needs at all touchpoints. To learn more about the ways to facilitate this level of customer experience, be sure to read on to the infographic featured alongside this post.

How CX Can Combat Customer Churn a resource provided by BillingPlatform, the premier choice for a cpq billing system