Society needs to normalize wealthy women.

Meeting with Rachel Rodgers, founder and CEO of HelloSeven, we discussed how to get more women wanting to create wealth for themselves. Rodgers holds her values of helping marginalized people build their wealth, and it’s reflected in her work and her book, We Should All Be Millionaires and through her podcast, The Most.

Frustrated by societal messages that women need to live within their means to thrive financially by reducing shopping habits, reducing latte consumption and all the other messages that tell you to cut back and live within that budget, Rodgers challenges women to think beyond those parameters.

Rather than living in that box, why not create more wealth for yourself to enjoy the finer things in life?

Rodgers challenges women to elevate themselves to a leadership position. “We make the idea of making money to be so hard,” Rodgers says. But money-making and wealth-building are something you can make yourself get good at.

Start seeing yourself as a leader of people and gain that income you desire through building your business. Your business can be the most significant financial asset you own when you manage it well.

Find a group of women with whom you can talk about money. Normalize the conversation around money. Get comfortable talking about money. Talk about your wealth, how you spend it, how you invest in it. Lose the shame around how you spend your money.

If you need to improve your financial literacy, do so. Hire a coach, read books, listen to podcasts. There is a plethora of resources out there for women to get help in managing their business and personal finances.

Making and earning money is essential for wealth but it is in how you manage your money that makes you wealthy. You need to protect your money, build assets, and get that money working for you in order to be wealthy. And all of that is easy to learn.

Rodgers leaves you with these key points to think about as you embark on your journey to building wealth for yourself:

1. Making money is simple

The art of making money can be complicated with complex theories or deep-seated emotions that hold you back. Money is an emotionally charged topic, but it’s much easier once you let go of the fears and anxiety around money and learn the primary strategies for creating wealth.

2. Use your talents to increase your earnings

Owning a business is the quickest way to achieve wealth, as you have more control over how much income you can take in. Taking the care to build a profitable business through offering what you are good at and can genuinely help people with will help you achieve riches faster.

3. Build your squad

Surround yourself with like-minded people where you support each other to achieve your financial goals. It’s time to normalize women making much money.

4. Drop the shame

Buy your lattes, take your vacations, and buy your lipstick when you want, provided you can afford it. Make money and find a balance between enjoying life and building wealth.

The bottom line is that women are just as capable of being rich. We must claim it. We need to shed those societal limitations that are placed on women. Understand that we have just as much of a right to being wealthy as anyone else. Shed the shame around wanting a luxurious lifestyle because you can do much good with money. Money doesn’t need to be shamed.