Starting a company in Turkey is not a far-fetched dream anymore. Many foreign investors and entrepreneurs are considering Turkey as a business destination and thinking of starting a company there. Getting a company registration service to do so is necessary. Now the question many people may wonder is, is it possible to do the process online? The simple answer is, no. This post will offer a better clarity.

Reason Why Online Company Registration in Turkey Not Possible

In the era we live in, where people do almost everything online, it can come as a surprise to know that company registration in Turkey online is not possible. But this is to maintain and safeguard the authenticity of the procedure.

However, the good news is that there are good consultancies available that make the process stress-free for foreign investors and business owners who want to set up shop in Turkey. Using a quality consultancy ensures that one can register and run the company with as little physical presence as possible.

Company Registration in Turkey the Easy Way

  • Hire a Consultancy: Smart investors who are looking to take advantage of the business-friendly atmosphere hire company registration expert consultancy to do the work for them. The process can take longer if you want to do it on your own. But when you hire an expert professional consultancy for the process, it won’t take long.
  • Submit Documents: The process is much easier if any one of the shareholders of the company to be registered happens to be physically in Turkey. Yes, the shareholders may not be present physically in the country or may even be legal entities on their own, but the time it takes for the company registration process is going to be longer.
  • Opening a Bank Account: An important part of the registration process for new companies in Turkey is bank account opening. Without a company bank account, it is just not possible for a company to operate. A company will have to pay service vendors, employees, and rent and it has to do it through a company bank account.

As long as documents are submitted, a company bank account can be opened within a few days so that your business starts on the right footing.

  • Get Started: After the process is done, it is now necessary to start the business. Turkey makes it easy for foreign business owners to run and operate a company within its boundaries. The environment is such that things are made easy for businesses to run. That is why you will find lots of foreign companies having offices in Turkey and running businesses in them. The cheap labor costs make it a country highly more cost-effective than the United States or most European countries. The company registration process is a relatively stress-free and uncomplicated one.

It is now time to seriously consider investing in Turkey through company formation. It is one of the best upcoming countries to do business. With a little help from a quality consultancy, the process will be easy and stress-free for you.