Most businesses operating today need virtual credit terminals due to their ability to provide flexibility to almost every industry. Virtual terminal credit card processing allows firms, especially those that are service-based, to process payments in the absence of physical card readers though some can use one.

Think about setting up a virtual credit card terminal if you feel your business model is limited by charging instant physical cards only. Below are some of the reasons you should set up virtual terminals and how they can optimize businesses.

Most businesses are offering part or all of their services online, while others have opted for mobile set-ups. Irrespective of the business model, the solution is a virtual credit card terminal for those businesses that would love to receive their payments swiftly without depending on a card reader.

Virtual terminals can process called-in, mailed-in, or keyed-in payments from in-person customers. The online terminal also handles recurring billing for clients, which is much needed by service-based businesses. Virtual terminal credit card processing systems are best choice for service-based businesses. The technology is one of a kind since it works well with both small and large companies.

How it works  

A typical illustration of a transaction from the beginning to the end:

  • The client provides their credit card
  • Log in to their virtual payment terminal by keying in the necessary data
  • Payments get processed through the virtual terminal
  • Once forms get completed, the involved parties receive a confirmation alert indicating the transaction was successful.

The process is that simple, and all you need access to is a Smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Significant benefits of the technology

  1. Process payments are low

The terminal allows one to process payments quickly, whether one receives information by physical mail, email, or phone. With this kind of solution, individual merchant accounts get created to acknowledge ‘card not present transactions at an affordable rate.

Processing payments using the technology is simple, like keying in your credit card data. Immediately you submit payments, the transaction gets processed, and money gets deposited to your bank account after some days. Online virtual terminals are a necessity for businesses that accept and process payments remotely.

  1. Create recurring credit card payments

Virtual terminal credit cards have recurring payment functionality, unlike physical card terminals. All you need to do is simply key in your credit card information, set up a regular payment date, and the virtual terminal takes care of the rest. Most people have experienced the hassle involved while tracking down payment information for card readers to process payments.

Once you switch to a virtual terminal, one gets to enjoy a more reliable and improved cash flow. The technology provides your customers with a convenient service.

  1. Safe storage of customer information for future transaction

It is essential as a business person to prioritize on secure storage of your customer’s data. By doing so, you ensure that you comply with the governing body’s rules. The technology is well equipped in that and also makes it easier to access information of any of your customers.


With these tips, you need to set up a virtual terminal for credit card processing and ensure you do not get left behind in the digital world. Aspiring business persons, consider using modern technology the moment you step into the business world.