Emerging technology aimed at improving the environment is becoming its own unique business idea.

The world is in danger, we can all accept that. Not from alien invasion or colliding asteroids, but from its inhabitants. We are polluting the home we live in and we are almost past the point of no return. While we once believed capitalism stood in the way of environmental progress, the scientists are out here producing magnificent, environment-based business ideas, which benefit all involved. and ultimately pave the way for ending corporate greenhouse emissions.

We looked at a few of these wonderful business ideas presented by life scientists around the word. Are you looking for an eco-friendly business idea? You may be in luck.

What Roles are there in Environmental Science?

Should you wish to take on a career in this area, rather than start your business in it, you can browse potential opportunities at Hays life science jobs UK. Environmental sciences are the study of environments in their relation to living beings. Jobs in this branch of life sciences include developing sustainable cities and living models, wildlife management or habitat solutions, interpreting geohazards and researching new ways of predicting weather phenomena which are a danger to life. There’s lots of scope for careers in environmental sciences if you have a degree.

Business Opportunities in Environmental Science

If you want to start a business in this area of life science, there are opportunities available. Let’s look at some good examples of eco-friendly environmental science based businesses which are likely to grow in value in the coming years.

Garden Design

Urban spaces such as homes and local businesses with garden areas can grow food and produce energy. Garden design is a growing industry which seeks to incorporate urban areas with food growth and developing natural habitats. The horticulture and gardening industry in the UK is worth over £70 million.

Organic Nutrition

Another huge area of environmental science lies in food technology. These are the people who determine how many calories are in your food. They devise better meal plans and research new ways to use alternative protein sources. Chilled vegetarian food spending in 2021 was £1.55 million in the UK.

Geothermic Energy

Another great area of environmental science meeting business falls into the area of geothermic energy. The study of geothermal study allows the displacement of heat from under the surface of the earth, right up to underneath your living room floor. This fairly modern way of heating homes is eliminating energy use across the globe. The same is happening in wind power and solar panel manufacturing.

Green Home Remodelling

Although a result of environmental science rather than a science itself, remodelling old homes with a greener impact is the number one new way to house flip. This modern spin on an old way of making money means designers are lowering the energy outputs of the houses they redevelop.

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas are Better for Everyone

It’s not just the planet that benefits from eco-friendly business ideas. It could be our entrepreneurs making money, too.