eSignatures minimize costs and make signing documents easy while speeding up document processing. Clients are open to signing and sending documents digitally. Here are some Signeasy features of eSignature for field services to settle deals.

How does Signeasy help?

●     Organize document workflows efficiently

When compared to outdated paper-based procedures Signeasy streamlines and automates document workflows, conserves team resources, and cuts turnaround times for documents by at least 80%.

●     Obtain secure signatures and approvals that are lawful and valid

Obtain eSignatures 100% legally and compliant with numerous international electronic signature laws, such as the ESIGN Act (the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000), eIDAS (Electronic IDentification, Authentication, and trust Services), etc.

●     Provide enjoyable experiences

Put an end to the wet ink signatures that require the print-sign-scan process. Working individuals can rethink consumer and employee experiences with Signeasy for the modern workplace.


●     Document preparation and upload

People may complete the entire signing process using Signeasy in just a few minutes. Anyone may use it easily and intuitively thanks to its simple-to-understand but effective features.

●     Upload a variety of file types

Signeasy supports over 25 documents, including JPG, Word, PDF, Excel, Open Office, PNG, HTML, and others.

●     Import data from cloud storage

Import files instantly from the preferred cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.

●     Multi-document envelopes

Send several documents together for signatures in a single package. The signing process is made simple for the signer by the use of envelopes, which also makes it simple to keep track of several documents.

●     24 languages support

Using the Signeasy platform, anyone can sign papers in their native tongue. Signeasy’s natural and simple user experience on the web and mobile is loved by over 10 million people globally.

●     Single-click approvals

Eliminate inefficiencies in internal procedures and workflows with 1-click approvals. Errors, omissions, and complexity are reduced thanks to the guided signing fields.

●     Adaptable signature processes

More than 43,000 companies use Signeasy to create, sign and distribute documents for internal and external operations. Users can use any device to sign and send papers.

●     Reusable templates

Spend less time and effortlessly prepare documents. Create templates with Signeasy using commonly used documents, such as NDAs, contracts, and agreements.

●     Self-signing records

Import the file using Signeasy, add the necessary information, and sign instantaneously from any device to rapidly self-sign any document while traveling.

●     In-person signing

Make it simple for field employees to obtain eSignatures offline. Pull-up templates that may be tapped through and signed quickly using the Signeasy smartphone app.

●     Mobile signing

To make it simple and comfortable to sign papers on the go, Signeasy offers user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

●     Aadhaar eSign

With an Aadhaar-based identification, Signeasy provides Indian businesses with a simple way to sign documents and request signatures online.

●     Sign up using a shared link

Using a public signing link, amass signatures in bulk. There’s no need to make distinct signature documents or requests.

●     QR code-based sign

Integrate document signature and data collecting using contactless technology into workflows. For high-volume use cases, Signeasy provides QR codes to businesses so they may collect signatures from clients and site visitors.

●     Live activity monitoring

Easily track and keep track of the status of documents. When documents are examined, signed, or rejected, Signeasy instantly notifies users to give visibility.

●     Automatic notifications

Whenever possible, don’t manually follow up on signed paperwork. Reminders are automatically sent to signers via Signeasy. If necessary, anyone can decide to send reminders by hand.

●     Documents status dashboard

The user-friendly interface of Signeasy makes it simple to browse and keep track of papers at various stages, including waiting for others, needs for action, completed, declined, and voided.

●     Tailored branding

Add brand name and logo to the workflows that are used for business. As a result, brand loyalty increases, and people can give customers a more reliable and expert experience.

●     Sync and manage contacts

Sync the email addresses, names, and other information for contacts from Google, Microsoft, or an excel spreadsheet. When delivering documents for signatures facilitates the quick and error-free addition of signers.

●     Authenticity, safety, and compliance

The greatest levels of security and compliance are something that Signeasy is dedicated to providing for all of its clients. On the Signeasy platform, all signatures and papers are legally binding and admissible in court.

●     Audit trail

For each signature request, Signeasy creates audit logs that can be used in court. Each document has a distinct document fingerprint and other information to guarantee its validity.

●     Biometric identification

On supported iOS and Android smartphones, users can sign documents using face ID or touch ID, and information like their IP address, email address, and timestamp will be recorded in the audit trail.

●     APIs, apps, integrations, and more

Award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android, simple and seamless integrations with well-known business programs and a developer-friendly API platform are all provided by Signeasy.

●     Google workspace sign-up document

With all Google workspace apps, Signeasy integrates natively. Users can quickly sign documents or ask for electronic signatures in Gmail, G Suite, Google Documents, and Drive.


Signeasy eSignature solutions are used to sign contracts, verify identity, and authorize transactions. They help to reduce fraud by making it difficult for someone else to impersonate a person who has already signed something electronically. They also reduce time spent on paperwork because there is no need to print documents or sign them in person.