You probably already know that a clean and tidy office is good for business. In fact, according to the experts at All Pro Cleaning Systems, people work much more productively in an environment that is free from clutter and mess. This is what makes office cleaning services so essential for business.

Working in a clean and tidy environment means that there will be a reduction in the spread of illness, which will keep staff healthier and reduce the economic impact on your business from staff absenteeism. So it makes sense to pay for your office to be cleaned regularly in terms of boosting staff productivity and reducing illness. After all, it will have a positive impact on your bottom line. But did you know that office cleaning could also help you to not only attract but also to retain top talent to your organization? Here’s how:

How Can a Clean Office Help to Attract New Talent

When an office is clean and tidy it sends out a positive message about your business to new visitors, be that clients or candidates who are attending for interview. If you are hoping to attract top talent to work for you, the best thing you can do is create a positive first impression; a clean office is one way to do this. Those attending for interview will be hoping to make a good impression on you, but they will also be generating an impression of your business and mentally deciding if they want to work for you. A clean and tidy office shows that you care about making sure your staff work in a healthy and safe environment.

How Can a Clean Office Help to Retain Top Talent

If you have created a good first impression that makes candidates want to work for your business, your job then is to retain this talent. Office cleaning can contribute to this. It is not enough to have your office cleaned before conducting a round of interviews and then allowing it to become a cluttered and unorganized mess once you have found the perfect candidate.

Maintaining that standard is important as it will go a long way to helping you keep all your talented staff. After all, no one wants to work in a mess. Paying for regular office cleaning services will boost staff productivity and keep your premises in good shape. It will show staff that you care about them and their health and that you care about your business to.

How often you schedule that office cleaning for will depend on a lot of factors. The number of staff that work for you will play a role, especially when it comes to shared spaces such as restrooms and breakrooms. Some larger businesses pay for office cleaning services every day, while smaller companies find that once or twice a week is sufficient.

It is important however that in between commercial office cleaning, your staff are encouraged to tidy up after themselves in breakrooms and to keep their own workspaces clean and clutter free. This will ensure a reduction in the spread of germs and bacteria and will also create an environment in which people will want to work.


To conclude, a clean and tidy workplace is beneficial to your staff and your business, but it can also go a long way in terms of attracting and retaining top talent. As you know, this will also have a positive impact on your bottom line. It is then a good idea to schedule regular office cleaning to create that positive workspace for all your staff.

Infographic created by Cascade Building Services, Offering Commercial Janitorial Services Portland, OR