Ibiza is one of the most popular yachting spots in the world, featuring some of the finest anchorages for the world’s finest superyachts, a stunning marina, ideally located downtown, just a few steps away from the most popular bars and restaurants. The Spanish city, located in the Balearics islands, enjoys a year-round warm climate, while the extended summer is ideal to enjoy the water. The yachts based there enjoy some of the finest cruising grounds with a strong industry to support them there.

Cruising in the Balearics is one of the most exceptional times in a yachtsmen’s life, from the secluded bays of Menorca to the vibrant beach clubs of Ibiza, there’s nothing like the Balearics. From the stunning spots to anchor in Formentera with a mile-long beach and plenty of secluded Cala, the nature immersion is complete. When heading back to Ibiza, the yachts will enjoy plenty of small bays with luxury beach clubs with a relaxed vibe while the nightclubs are some of the most astonishing parties worldwide. The old town of Ibiza also offers the perfect opportunity to peruse old streets, discover a rich history and enjoy the world’s best fashion shops. 

The marina of Ibiza is ideally located downtown, just a short stroll away from the best nightclubs, from the Pacha to the VIP Cub. With plenty of yacht services available straight on the marina, the port is perfectly serviced for all your yachting needs. With some of the best yacht provisioners delivering in Ibiza on a bi-weekly basis, a plethora of ship chandlers and the proximity to Palma and the large shipyards, there’s truly nothing missing there. Even surveying a yacht in Palma is relatively easy, ahead of a sale or for a class survey.

There’s nothing missing in Ibiza, and the yachting scene is simply ideal to keep a yacht in the long term. The city offers the perfect entertainment for the crew while the owners or charter guests aren’t aboard. The crystal clear waters stay warm almost year-round, making the destination ideal for pre and late seasons cruises. The ports offer the very best services to keep a yacht on the long term.