Collaboration is one of the most instrumental parts of an organization’s success. Unfortunately, for many organizations, it can be challenging to provide a space that facilitates meaningful collaboration amongst employees. What’s more, even having the space doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything of value comes out of the time spent in them. However, having the right technology in the space provided to collaborate could spark some inspiration.  This is where interactive smartboards can make all the difference. With this technology, collaborators have a singular space to collect all the most important ideas throughout their brainstorming. Smartboards have emerged as a valuable tool for keeping thoughts and ideas organized and promoting collaboration. These connected devices allow users to write or draw on them and share instantly with everyone else as if sharing a single board in the same place. They also serve as multimedia screens where presentations and documents can be shared seamlessly across all offices, meaning in instances where organizations have flexible workspace dynamics and many remote employees, everyone can maintain the same level of connection and participation. This is invaluable throughout the collaboration process. For more information on the ways in which interactive smartboards and other technology is improving the meeting and collaborative efforts of organizations around the world, check out the resource found alongside this post.

Improve Meeting Management With AI this infographic was contributed by SimpleUC, a premier provider of conference room systems