Product and e-commerce packaging matters more than some businesses believe. In fact, 72% of consumers in the United States say a product’s packaging directly influences their purchasing decisions. In addition to driving sales, businesses can use elements of effective packaging design to generate brand awareness, build brand loyalty, and stand apart from their competitors. Below, we’ll briefly go over some of the features and design elements of a successful product packaging strategy.

Let’s start with the product’s main packaging, also known as primary packaging. Often the first introduction to the product, this level of packaging is critical. With the shelves of the average U.S. supermarket filled with more than 28,000 items, a package needs to stand out to grab a customer’s attention. There are pivotal package design features to help the package become more attractive, functional, and convey a higher quality.

The first is color. While it may seem trivial, color is extremely influential with nearly 85% of consumers agreeing packaging color influences their purchasing decisions. For instance, when appealing to younger audiences, bright, cheery primary colors are often instrumental while the packaging for organic products may be more effective with neutral or earthy tones. Along with color, there should be educational elements to relay important product information and to tell the brand’s story.

There’s also the design of the product’s e-commerce packaging to consider. Online shopping has become integral in many people’s lives. With it comes shipping and a hefty amount of e-commerce packaging, or tertiary packaging. The focus for this layer of packaging is to safely ship products to their destination and protect the product from damage. In addition, it has the potential for so much more.

For example, more and more companies are discovering the advantages of interactive packaging. Interactive packaging refers to hidden compartments, pull-out tabs, or tear-away sections that are used to reveal a surprise or special offer for the customer. Along the same lines is a packaging insert. Whether it’s a personalized card, special coupon offers, or other small item included with the order, these inserts can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience. Many consumers say these features help spark feelings of excitement and delight, much like an unexpected present.

Speaking of presents, organizations of all sizes would be remiss to overlook the benefits of creating a unique unboxing experience with their e-commerce packaging. By incorporating unique or branded elements, the package sitting on the doorstep more closely resembles a gift. Such attributes are so exciting, research has found they make customers more likely to recommend the product to others or even share the unboxing experience on social media.

For small to midsize companies, incorporating these elements can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are professional designers to help or they could partner with a corrugated box manufacturing service to meet all their packaging demands. Want to learn more about enhancing product packaging? Check out the accompanying resource created by experts on corrugated displays stands.

Infographic provided by Abbott-Action, Inc.