The global maintenance, repair and operations markets are a vital part of the way in which industrial organizations continue to operate. While their services require a great deal of capital from these organizations, the value that they provide to industrial equipment is necessary for their survival; both equipment and organization as a whole. Without this utility offered, industrial organizations would experience much more unplanned downtime and in turn would never be able to operate as effectively as they’re meant to. Advancements in the way of maintenance technology have made sure that organizations can avoid equipment downtime to the best of their ability. Low or-no maintenance components, for example, are technologies that don’t possess wearing parts but still provide all of the utility necessary to a piece of equipment. Similarly, with programmable logic controller systems powered by industrial internet of things capabilities, organizations can increase the reliability of their machinery through the use of predictive maintenance. With these smart technologies, organizations can ensure equipment health is at its best while also reducing their operating costs. For additional insight on the ways in which these technologies operate, please see the infographic paired alongside this post.

Low Or No Maintenance Industrial Machinery provided by FLEXIM, an organization offering exceptional products such as their liquid flowmeters