If you hear the phrase Starbucks or see the Golden Arches of Mcdonald’s on the horizon, the odds are good that you know what you are getting into. Starbucks offers comfortable chairs, soothing music, and the rich infusing aroma of coffee to all of its customers. When the barista pens your name on the cup, there is even a hint of personalization.

Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter Group, having taken the position in 2017. After spending time working at Rubbermaid, a 100-year-old company, Pena decided to take what he had learned and apply it to his new position. As a result, Keter has been turning heads as it continues to grow and expand in the global market. How did Keter find success? What does brand recognition have to do with Pena’s work?

Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Keter

While Starbucks created an identity around a cozy coffee culture, Keter has done the same for their brand, but in the consumer lifestyle solutions and home spaces sphere. Working to develop an expansive catalog of affordable and recyclable home goods, Keter was originally founded in Israel, where it has existed for 75 years. In the same way that Starbucks sells an identity, Pena has been instrumental in doing the same for Keter.

Keter features an expansive catalog of both indoor and outdoor home goods. The goal of the catalog isn’t just to supply clients with great products but to also give them ideas for experiences that they can anticipate. The outdoor Keter Unity Island can be perfect for hosting friends during the big game!

A large catalog of great products is only the beginning of what Keter has to offer, guided by the expertise of Alejandro Pena.

The Importance of Environmentalism

The growing role of corporate responsibility has caused companies like Keter to take a closer look at what they can do for communities, customers, and the world around them.

Keter and Pena understood the importance that environmentalism would play in business going forward. As a steward of the environment, Alejandro Pena thinks it is important for Keter to do what it can to diminish its negative impact on the global world.

Keter specializes in offering a wide range of environmentally sustainable products built from recyclable resin. This recyclable resin looks visually upscale but is affordable for the average consumer. The deck beds, storage sheds, and all-weather furniture offered by Pena and the team at Keter are all made to last longer, thanks to the recyclable resin material.

Pena says of the work that Keter Group is doing, “We are innovators; we invent what’s new and next, and we do it with a sustainable mindset.”

Since adopting his position as CEO, Alejandro Pena has helped to lead a team of more than 5,000 global employees as they’ve sought inroads to greener communities through the cultivation of education and environmentalism.