Email is still the number one option when it comes to marketing messaging, accounting for more than 46% of the preferred channel to receive communications according to mobile users. Due to the increased use of smartphones,  new challenges are standing out for the e-commerce industry, such as the need for new strategies to keep customers engaged and more cooperative multi-channel perspectives for 2022. As an Ecommerce email marketing agency, we realized the use of SMS (short messaging service) is quickly becoming the fastest-growing marketing channel for businesses. So, what could happen if you start combining these two approaches in your marketing strategy?

Let’s start by differentiating between the two to get a clearer picture of each. Email and SMS channels could be used combined, but it’s fundamental to understand the messaging tone, and information included as these may vary between both, even if the offer is the same.


  • Content may be longer
  • Messages are informative and usually saved for future reference
  • Content can be more diverse as it allows more information, use of newsletters and product showcases, not only promotions.
  • Email campaigns have more space and dynamic content
  • Allows to include videos, GIFs, and multiple images
  • Has multiple options for CTAs
  • Can be sent more often as communicates more directly with paid or organic marketing


  • Content is meant to be short, each SMS can only be 160 characters each
  • Messages are informative but disposable
  • Suitable for urgent and sensitive communications
  • Messages can be delivered without an internet connection
  • Promote over text what is more relevant to subscribers, like promos, reminders, or product launches.
  • Only one media can be included as MMS (Media Messaging Service) from images or GIFs
  • Allows one CTA
  • Text subscribers are more likely to unsubscribe than email subscribers, limiting the frequency of sends is important here

What’s the best approach?

After knowing the differences and benefits of both, we encourage you to test how your subscribers communicate so you can create different content for the various audiences of each marketing message. Thinking as part of an SMS Marketing Agency our central intake is to stop thinking of Email and SMS as separate and start considering them as a partnership for your marketing strategy where you identify how people interact with both channels and what kinds of content you should send on each.

With the continuous demand from shoppers for personalization messaging is a great way to build brand awareness and award customer loyalty as you can reach customers at every stage of their engagement lifecycle within the channel they prefer. So if you’re still not sure how to integrate these into your marketing strategy, we also provide service book a call with us, we’ll make sure to leverage email with SMS for your brand.